Facts of Garlic benefits which are good for health

This is the internal structure of the cut garlic.
This is the internal structure of the cut garlic.

In this article, You will know more about garlic benefits, a close relative of the onion, which is grown in every garden. After all, how can we not have it-it is a super spice, a good treatment, and our mascot?

The king of spices, as the legendary Pythagoras said, the magical garlic.

The earliest mention of this unique fortune in nature can be traced back to 3750 BC. The legendary tomb of El Mahashna discovered in Egypt in 1911 is said to have arrived on this day. An image of garlic was found in the tomb.

Fun Fact
Garlic has been found in many Egyptian tombs (in the precious jewels in the tomb of Tutankhamun, in the tomb of Egypt’s greatest architect Kaha).
The Bible tells about garlic culture, and the oldest Indian and Chinese manuscripts mention them. Aristotle, Dioscorides, and Hippocrates talked about this plant in their paper.
Our ancestors used garlic not just for food. For them, garlic was a talisman, a powerful symbol of endurance, strength, and vitality.
In ancient times, people believed that garlic itself had a huge power that could resist all kinds of evil spirits. Therefore, in many houses, a garland of garlic is hung on the front door to drive away demons.

What is “King of Garlic“?

Garlic (official name Allium sativum) is a perennial herb of the onion genus. Its trough-shaped and flat leaves can be drooping or upright.
The upright stem (arrow) can grow to a height of one and a half meters. But this spicy dish is mainly famous for its bulbs.

There are 2-50 edible garlic cloves and hard scales in a garlic bulb. Flower stems and leaves (young plants) can also be eaten.

The flowers of the garlic plant are white and green, gathered in a spherical umbrella, which also contains small bulbs.
Spicy slices may be white or pink.

1. The composition of garlic.

This crop has long been thoroughly studied. The famous spicy taste of garlic is given by a kind of essential oil compounded with multiple substances.

The composition of garlic changes with the season:
In autumn, sucrose and inulin account for a large part of the beneficial substances.
In spring, they begin to decompose. At this time, the components of fructose and glucose increase.
The bulb itself does not contain many vitamins, and the young arrows and fresh leaves of the plant are rich in vitamins.

The garlic bulb contains a lot of essential substances (pectin, organic acids, trace elements, glycosides, and pentosans).

Garlic benefits plants can increase the composition of useful substances. Feeding it regularly with organic fertilizer is helpful in this regard. According to statistics from the Academy of Sciences, a person needs to eat 6-10 kg of garlic every year.
2. Varieties of garlic.

There are many varieties of garlic crops. The main varieties are spring (planting in early spring) and winter (planting in autumn).
Similarly, the plant is further divided into arrow-shaped varieties with long stems and non-arrow-shaped, forming only bulbous roots.
Garlic can also be divided into:
Maturity period (early, middle, and late).
Taste quality (sharp, medium, mild).
Bulb size (up to 30 grams, medium to 20 grams, and small to 10 grams).
The number of garlic cloves (less than 10 small garlic, less than 15 medium garlic, and more than 15 multi-clove garlic).
It should be noted that the smaller the garlic, the better the taste.

This crop is one of the strongest drugs, and it has real magical powers.

Is about to use garlic as a tincture
Is about to use garlic as a tincture

Garlic is a famous healer

1. Nervous health.

As garlic crops are rich in thiamine (vitamin B1), it is essential for the good functioning of the nervous system.
Thiamine regulates glucose metabolism and its processing. Glucose is the main energy of the human body, because of it, important cellular energy processes take place.

Thiamine is instantly destroyed by heat and light. Maybe this is why nature wants every garlic clove to be packed in a thick film.
So the best way to deal with garlic is to eat fresh garlic. Only in this way can our body get the full amount of essential substances that are abundant in garlic benefits.

2. Immunity.

The garlic plant is known for its powerful biological stimulants and is an assistant in the treatment of infectious diseases.
Such high-quality plants are due to a series of complex biologically active substances. To be precise, they successfully eliminated bacteria and viruses.
The properties of garlic are magical. He can successfully inhibit the development of intestinal infections. Therefore, since ancient times, before eating any unfamiliar dishes, there has been a habit of eating garlic cloves.
The plant fungicide contained in garlic becomes most active in spring.

Therefore, garlic plants are particularly indispensable and useful in resisting bacteria in spring.
The useful properties of garlic are beyond doubt, especially when the cold gets worse, the human body needs garlic more.
The antibacterial properties of this crop depend on whether it contains non-plants.

Thanks for the multiple effects of garlic benefits:
Inhibit the development of bacteria.
Eliminate the cause of dysentery.
Prevent the development of Staphylococcus.

3. Joint health.

Garlic is rich in sulfur allicin (because this plant has a special taste).
Sulfur is the main auxiliary for the synthesis of methionine (a powerful amino acid). Methionine guides the good function of articular cartilage.
Therefore, doctors especially recommend adding garlic balls to the diet of arthritis patients.

4. Strong digestion ability.

Garlic is a famous additive in cooking. Garlic spice is particularly suitable for high-fat dishes (the human body finds heavy-tasting foods difficult to digest).
In addition, garlic cloves help the work of the gastrointestinal tract, and they contribute to the normal formation of bile.

5. Conducive to the work of the heart.

The presence of beneficial substances makes garlic crops an indispensable helper in preventing pre-myocardial infarction and stroke.
Spices can prevent thrombus formation, promote blood vessel dilation, and lower blood pressure.
Interesting thing
To get rid of the spice, chew on parsley, celery root, or lemon slices.
To remove the smell of garlic from your hands, apply salt, and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
Watch out for weight-conscious women! Garlic can increase appetite. It will destroy any diet.

It is best to consume raw garlic with cloves.

You know, if the garlic has green sprouts, it means that the spice will be unbearable.
For cooking, it’s best to use a knife to chop/shred garlic instead of crushing them with a garlic press-this way, its aroma and taste will appear brighter.
Most importantly, they are paired with lamb.

Garlic herbal tincture

How to prepare the legendary garlic herbal tincture, the famous elixir? Its formula was found in the mountains of Tibet, China, so this herbal tincture is often called Tibetan medicine.

1. Preparation.

Grate the finely divided spice flakes (250 g) and place them in a glass container. Pour high-purity alcohol (300ml). Don’t use vodka!
Without disturbing the quality, close the container tightly and place it in a dark place for 10-12 days. Then filter the product through cheesecloth. Squeeze the liquid from the garlic mass and pour it back into the container.
Our garlic herbal tincture has turned green. We will hide it in the dark for three days.
At this time, the denseness of the dark slurry at the bottom of the bottle will sink-we will not need it. The color of the remaining liquid is very light-this is a magical treatment.

2. How to take it.

The treatment will be long-term. The herbal tincture is taken drop by drop, and the number of drops increases as the body absorbs it.
Garlic herbal tincture must be stirred in milk (1/2 cup). The admission plan lasts for 10 days.
Take herbal tinctures strictly at the same time every morning, day, and night.
Day 1-5: Add 1 drop of herbal tincture to half a cup of milk, for each additional drop of the herbal tincture.
For example: Day 1-1 drop in the morning, 2 drops at noon, 3 drops at night, and so on. At the end of 5 days, the number of drops will reach 15.
6-10 days: At this time, the number of drops decreases by one drop. Just add 1 drop of potion to the milk on the 10th day.
From day 10: Now three times a day, you have to drink 25 drops of herbal tincture. Take until the herbal tincture is over.
As long as the bottle is empty-the treatment is over. According to the same treatment plan, garlic herbal tincture can be re-taken only after 5 years.


Patients with pregnancy, hypertension, epilepsy, chronic liver cirrhosis, and kidney stones should not take garlic herbal tincture.

For the garden

The garlic plant is rich in therapeutic compounds, making this crop the most effective assistant for gardeners against the most dangerous diseases of the plant (fungus, virus, and bacterial infections).
This garlic benefits plant can also help resist various parasites and pests in the garden.

Not without reason, garlic is often used in various homemade products for processing fruit trees, vegetables, and berry bushes.
In the recipe of an experienced gardener, all the ingredients of this unique plant (husk, top, arrowhead, bulb, clove) are used.

Be aware of danger!

Please note that garlic crops can also harm humans. Please note that it is not recommended to use garlic for:
Peptic ulcer.
Kidney and liver disease.
12 Duodenal problems.
During pregnancy and lactation, garlic cannot be taken away.

A few years ago, British doctor Robert Baker proved that garlic plants contain small concentrations of toxic substances.
When consumed in excess, this garlic crop becomes the culprit of headaches and distractions.
Eat garlic in moderation!

This article fully let us know this amazing plant and its characteristics.
Be sure to visit our website again to learn some new knowledge about growing this plant, or just enhance your knowledge again.
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