Begonia flowers are the easiest plants to grow in containers. This group of warm-loving plants was firstborn under forests in tropical and subtropical regions.

How to take care of begonias at home

How to take care of begonias at home Why did I say in my previous post that it's not easy to take care of Begonias at home? All because she is ...

How to plant begonia bulbs? Planting for tips

How to plant begonia bulbs Planting for tips When we discuss for how to plant begonia bulbs, some rules must be strictly observed. People who ...

How to grow begonias at home: growth and care

How to grow begonias at home growth and care Plants of the genus Begonia (Begonia obliqua) constitute the best known and largest genus of the ...

What is the begonia flower

This is a begonia flower Begonia flower is a warm-climate ornamental plant in a very large genus. The potential of most Begoniaflowers lies in ...!
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