Information About Alyssum

thumbgarden Category Flowers Alyssum grows very easily and blooms faster. Vivid purple, soft pink, and crisp white make it a very good ornamental flower.

How to grow alyssum: planting and care

How to grow alyssum planting and care Alyssum is an elegant small flowering plant that appeared in our gardens and parks not too long ago, but its undeniable advantages make us hope that Alyssum's popularity will grow from year to year. It ...

How to care for alyssum? Planting for tips

How to care for alyssum Planting for tips What is the care method for Alyssum? From my own practice: loosening the soil, weeding, and timely watering. So how to care for alyssum? This article provides you the answers. Protecting Alyssum ...

Alyssum flower and its lush secrets

Alyssum flower and its lush secrets The intoxicating scent of the Alyssum flower attracts not only the bees but everyone's attention. It is hard to pass by this unique summer house without the sweet lure of the dark clouds. What is even ...

What is the alyssum flower?

Alyssum flower is a very slow-growing annual plant, known for its sweet and pleasant smell of white, purple, or purple floral carpets. It grows and blooms best in the coolest places in New England in summer, but it can bloom all summer in the ...!