How to grow garlic in pots? Tips for beginners

How to grow garlic in pots Tips for beginners
How to grow garlic in pots Tips for beginners

Nowadays, people like to grow some vegetables and fruits on their own balcony, so their family can be happy to eat what they grow.

The garlic plants that you usually buy will get old and rotten if you can’t eat them in time, so many people will start to grow some garlic plants from their balconies.

You simply can’t finish the garlic which you planted it own because you only need to pinch a little when you use it. So how to grow garlic in pots? Read the following steps, it will show you how to grow it.


If you want to grow thicker garlic plants, you can choose the containers with more space.

Try to choose some large garlic, put it into the water and soak it for a day before taking it out, the soil for planting will not be too much, the usual common soil will do.

If necessary, add some fertilizer and mix it well. Put the soaked garlic into the container evenly.

If you put it too closely, it will increase the production value of the garlic plants. After you put it in the container, add some soil to cover the garlic cloves and then add some water to it to see if the soil in the container is moist.

Container - How to grow garlic in pots Tips
Container – How to grow garlic in pots Tips


Fill the pot with 70% of the soil, not too full, because we still need to plant garlic later, the outflow is about 1CM (0.4inch) of the height of the garlic cloves will be enough

Cover the garlic with a thickness of about 1 cm of soil. Some friends may ask, what kind of soil do you need to use?

There is no excessive requirement for soil, whether it is garden soil, peat soil, or nutrient soil, but of course, fertile soil will make the garlic plants grow stronger.


In addition to soil, you can also use water to grow new garlic seedlings at home, and the same goes for preparing a garlic clove by removing its skin and taking care not to hurt the clove, as it is easy to rot when the surface of the glove is broken and put in water.

Pay attention to this problem when preparing the garlic cloves, put these prepared cloves into a container with the right amount of water, usually just enough to cover the garlic cloves.


Potting time

Garlic is not particularly demanding and can usually be planted in pots all year round, although it is best to plant in pots in the spring at midday when the temperature is between 15°C and 20°C (59°F and 68°C).

This time of year allows for faster germination and increases the survival rate of garlic heads, while other times of the year have a lower survival rate.

Potting method

Spray some water in the prepared soil and use a tool to dig several small holes, paying attention to the distance between each hole.

Plant the garlic cloves with their heads upwards into the soil, after fixing them with the soil next to them, if it is said that they are easily blistered by water when planted directly in.

Note that the garlic cloves should be planted in the same direction so that they grow in the same direction after the green shoots grow.

Watering - How to grow garlic in pots Tips
Watering – How to grow garlic in pots Tips


Water thoroughly and put it in the shade to wait for germination. Then the whole container can be directly ended up on the balcony or outdoors, where the ventilation is better and importantly the light is also sufficient and the soil in the container is easily dry.

The container placed on the balcony should be watered from time to time to ensure that the garlic seedlings can get enough water, and almost to a week’s time, the garlic seedlings will start to germinate.

At this time, the garlic plants that have sprouted can be given a little water to promote their growth.

Sunshine - How to grow garlic in pots Tips
Sunshine – How to grow garlic in pots Tips


After planting, you should put it in a light place, make sure the environment is well ventilated and the temperature is not too low. And, after the soil is dry, give it some water to maintain a certain level of humidity, but the amount of water should not be too large, and there should not be waterlogged, and it will sprout new shoots in about a week.


The garlic seedlings will be ready for consumption in about two weeks after the sprouts are sent out, and you can cut some of them from the container when they are green.

The garlic plants can be cut three or four times, and new ones will grow after they are cut off, so the whole container will be sufficient for your daily use.


The prepared container can be put on the balcony or in the living room, usually pay attention to the water in the container, add it in time, and do not add too much water each time.

If you don’t change the water after a long time, it will have a strange smell. The garlic plants that are raised with water can be put in the living room as a small potted plant after they grow out.

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