Information About Currant

Black and red currant plants thrive in partial or full sunlight, and the produced currant is very suitable for making jam, jelly, or winemaking.

Currants: how to grow and care

Currants how to grow and care Let's continue the conversation about currants. In the last article, we learned about the benefits and effects of currants. Now, I want to tell you directly about the planting and care of currants. The best ...

How to pruning currant bushes in spring? guide for beginners

How to pruning currant bushes in spring guide for beginners Currant is not only tasty and healthy, it grows and matures in all climatic conditions. So how do you pruning currant bushes in the spring? Despite the rusticity of this berry ...

20 interesting facts about currants

20 interesting facts about currants Currants are not very popular berries, unlike raspberries or black currants, but this berry bush grows in many summer farmhouses. It is a very healthy berry that contains a whole reservoir of vitamins. The ...

What are the black currant benefits

Black currant benefits, Speaking of black currant, everyone may think of grapes first, but black currant and grape belong to two different plants, and black currant is a kind of small berry food. It is very rich, so what are the effects and ...!
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