Information About Special Plants

Are you ready to start a gardening hobby? Here are some guidelines for the best special plants from plant experts.

Venus Flytrap – A Predatory Plant On The Windowsill

How To Care For Venus Flytrap Plants At Home Venus Flytrap, or Dionaea muscipula, is the most popular, brightly colored, and conditioned indoor carnivore, and the most unpretentious. It is not only known for its ability to feed on insects. Its ...

What is the Venus Flytrap

Venus flytrap in pot Venus flytrap(Dionaea muscipula), a perennial herb native to North America, is a very interesting insectivorous plant. Its stem is very short, and there is an insect trap resembling a "shell" on the top of the leaf, and ...

What is a baseball plant(Euphorbia obesa)

This is a baseball plant(Euphorbia obesa) Baseball plant (Euphorbia obesa), also known as Hoang jade, precious gem jade, obesa, is a plant of the genus Euphorbia, native to Cape Province, South Africa. The plant is small spherical, 8-12 cm in ...

What is Rafflesia (The biggest flower in the world)

What is Rafflesia (The biggest flower in the world) Rafflesia is a Grandiflora family, which also belongs to the collective name of 20 succulent parasitic herbs. Succulent, parasitic herb, parasitic on the roots, stems, or branches of plants ...!