Information About Balsam

Balsam is a very good alternative plant, with beautiful pink flowers. Choose camphor flower seeds and plant them in the sun or in a cool place.

The 5 misunderstanding of balsam plant care

The 5 misunderstanding of balsam plant care Balsam flowers are one of the oldest and ever-popular houseplants, and not by accident are considered easy to grow. According to popular rumor, if popular opinion is to be believed, indoor Balsam ...

Growing Balsam Flowers: The Secret to More Lushness

Growing balsam flowers the secret to more lushness Many people like to decorate their windowsills, yards, and garden plots with ornamental flowers in clusters of large, bright flowers. One of these flowers is Balsam flowers (Impatiens ...

How to grow balsam flowers: growth and care

How to grow balsam flowers growth and care Balsam plants belong to the genus Impatiens balsamina, a genus of about 1,000 species of flowering plants. the name Balsam is often used interchangeably with Impatiens balsamina. In fact, Impatiens ...

What Are Balsam flowers

This is Balsam flowers Balsam Flowers is a relatively common annual sunlight to partial shade flowering plant. It is relatively easy to grow, and it is widespread in nurseries and garden shops. The common name of BalsamFlower is balsamina, or the ...!