Information About Amaranthus

Amaranthus such impressive plants and colors! Soon they can grow to 3-5′ inches tall and show spectacular under the sun. It is very easy to sow directly. Can withstand poor soil, will not be affected by high temperature and drought.

How to growing amaranth in containers at home

How to growing Amaranth in containers at home As many people know, Amaranthus is a universal plant, on the basis of which you can make tea, add to various dishes, cook porridge with grains and even make bread with Amaranthus flour. And if ...

What are the amaranth companion plants

What are the amaranth companion plants Amaranthus is widely grown as a cereal crop throughout South America and grows well in the UK in summer. The leaves and seeds are edible and the plants are highly decorative and can be planted in flower ...

How to grow amaranthus: seed growth, planting, and care

How to grow amaranthus seed growth, planting, and care How to grow Amaranthus? This article provides answers to growing Amaranthus and how to care for Amaranthus. Amaranthus (lat. Amaranthus) plant, or shiri, belongs to the genus Amaranthus ...

What is the amaranth flower?

This is amaranth flower Amaranth is generally an annual or short-lived perennial plant. The easy-growing Amaranth is hard to find in the garden center, but it can be grown from seeds. The stems are generally red, sometimes with thorns; they have ...!