Information About Lavender

Are you ready to start a gardening hobby? Here are some guidelines for the best Basil from plant experts.

How to plant lavender: growth patterns and care, harvesting

How to plant lavender Lavender is a completely unique ornamental and medicinal plant that won endless love two thousand years ago for its delightful spicy aroma. Its traditional purple or violet fluffy beauty and outstanding culinary ...

How to take care and planting lavender in pots at home

Lavender is an ornamental herb that grows wild in the Mediterranean and southern Europe. For the florist, it can be cultivated as a solitary shrub or as an ornament for alpine beds and borders. Also in flower beds, lavender has no rival. ...

How to take care of lavender plant? Planting for tips

How to take care of lavender plant Planting for tips In southern Europe, there are whole plantations of lavender, mainly for cosmetic purposes. Lavender narrow-leaved (Lavandula angustifolia), also known as English lavender, is a ...

How often to water lavender? Tips for beginners

How often to water lavender Tips for beginners Lavender is very hardy, how often to watering lavender daily? In fact, lavender does not need daily watering. In general, the soil dry 1 to 2 days also has a normal growth. Even in the summer heat ...

What is Lavender(Lavandula)

This is is Lavender Lavender (Latin scientific name: Lavandula angustifolia Mill.) is also known as perfume plant, Ling vanilla, vanilla, yellow vanilla, Lavender. A small shrub belonging to the genus Dicotyledon, Lamiaceae, and Lavender. ...!
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