How to grow watermelon more easily

This is a big farm that grows watermelons
This is a big farm that grows watermelons

The top watermelon planting technology makes it so easy to grow watermelons.

Watermelon is very familiar to everyone. In summer, everyone likes to eat watermelon very much, because eating juicy and thirst-quenching watermelon in hot weather will make you feel more comfortable if you can eat icy watermelon. People call it the king of heat relief.

Many people love to eat watermelon, but they don’t know how to grow watermelon. Mrs. Geneva will show you the top planting techniques of watermelon!

How to germinate watermelon seeds

  1. SUNED SEEDS: First, we prepare the seeds of the watermelon, and then put the seeds in the sun for two days, because the seeds need plenty of sunlight, but be careful, if the sun is too big, they can’t be dried, so as not to destroy the seeds. It should be in suitable weather Going down to dry, in this way can improve the germination ability of the seeds.
  2. SOAK THE SEEDS: Put the sun-dried seeds into a container, then pour in hot water at room temperature and soak for 6 to 8 hours. This practice is conducive to the speed of seed germination.
  3. SEED GERMINATION: Finally, we dumped the water in the container, put the wet towel or special kitchen paper on the flat, put the seeds on it, the towel or special kitchen paper must be moist, but the wet towel or paper on the seeds, and put it at room temperature Let the seeds germinate around 26-30 degrees.
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Preparation before planting

1. Pick a location
Watermelon is a very picky plant, the quality of the soil environment affects the growth of watermelon, so we must choose a good soil environment. For the soil quality of watermelon, you must choose relatively loose and breathable soil. Mrs. Geneva personally recommends that it is best to use sandy soil because sandy soil is very loose and very breathable and easy to plant.

The location for planting watermelons cannot be continuously planted. When we use this area to grow watermelons in the first year, we will not grow watermelons in the next year. Let this land store nutrients first, and it is best to plant them first. For other crops for more than three years, continue to plant watermelons in this way. This will allow the watermelons to fully absorb the soil components. If continuous cultivation, the soil environment will not only not provide nutrients for the watermelons, it may cause the seedlings to wither during the growth period. Therefore, Mrs. Geneva believes that it is best not to continuously plant in the same soil environment.

2. Arrange the soil layer
In order to create a good environment for watermelons, while maintaining temperature and water storage conditions, remember that the soil layer must be plowed deeper, so as to ensure that the land is more loose and airy, and the watermelon can absorb nutrients from the soil faster.

3. Fertilize
Basic fertilization is the primary condition for the growth of watermelon. Lack of fertilizer will cause many problems, such as affecting the yield, quality, and harvest of watermelon, so adequate fertilization must be considered.

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Main factors for growing watermelon

When we grow watermelons, some people may use mulch film to cover the land. How do we use this mulch film? Mrs. Geneva will tell you the sequence order and method of using this film.
Seed first and then mulch.

How to grow watermelon?
First, we dig the soil into a small hole, put the seed sprouts in the middle of the hole, and then straighten the seed sprouts with the soil, so that we can fill all the seed sprouts around, and leave a small puddle about 1 inch. Finally, the film can be covered, so that each small puddle becomes a simple miniature greenhouse, providing a suitable temperature for the seed buds.

This is a ripe watermelon in the farmland - how to grow watermelon
This is a ripe watermelon in the farmland
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Reasonable planting

Watermelon is the kind of crop that prefers sunlight. The planting interval should not be too dense. If planting too densely, it will affect the light transmittance, causing most watermelon seedlings to not absorb more sunlight, but the planting interval should not be too wide. Cause a waste of land.

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Planting management

During the planting period, the field should be fertilized. The fertilization of watermelons is still very particular. The quantity must be controlled. If you apply too much fertilizer, it may cause damage to the seedlings. Too little fertilizer will also lead to insufficient nutrients in the seedlings. The seedlings will also wither and turn yellow, so this point should be noted. You can also use plant ash for compost. If you plant it yourself, you can fertilize it according to the amount you plant.

Therefore, Mrs. Geneva thinks that fertilization is the most important link because this link is related to the key to high yield and healthy growth of watermelons. Therefore, additional fertilization must be required.

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Irrigation and maintenance

Watermelon not only likes sunlight, but it is also drought-tolerant. Although it is drought-resistant, watermelon is still very afraid of waterlogging. Therefore, when planting, choose the right time and water it properly.
It is best to use a fully automatic watering device when sowing. Do not water directly at the beginning. Also, keep the amount of water not too large. Keep the amount of water medium. You only need to water the seeds to meet the survival of the seeds. If you water too much, it will be Caused the watermelon seeds to wash deep into the ground.

There is also Mrs. Geneva suggested that watering should be carried out together with the first fertilization, the purpose is to promote the faster growth of watermelon seedlings, so as to achieve the effect of rooting.

The last is the pressing of vines and the selection of seeds for watermelon.
The purpose of pressing the vines is to prevent the vines from growing too high and being blown by the strong wind, which will make the branches and fruits falsified. Therefore, the vines are usually pressed on the eve of the ripening of the watermelon. In the later stage, you can leave more branches and leaves to enhance the fruiting ability of the watermelon, and reduce the situation that there are only seedlings without fruiting.

Buying seeds is a key step to improve the quality of watermelon and whether it can sell well. I think everyone can see them in supermarkets. They are big and delicious watermelons. Generally, each plant will have a main melon (the largest watermelon). This kind of melon is the best because nutrients are supplied to it first. If there are too many fruit paddles on the seedlings, Mrs. Geneva recommends removing some to facilitate harvesting more watermelons in the future.

The last step is to pick watermelons based on their ripeness.
When we pick the watermelon, we can look at the appearance of the watermelon, that is, if the skin of the watermelon is hard and difficult to press down with your fingers, the lines on the watermelon are clearly visible, and the stems where the watermelon connects have withered, indicating that the watermelon is ripe. So you have to seize the opportunity to pick ripe watermelons first.

Mrs. Geneva shared how to grow watermelon. Have you learned some details?
Regarding planting watermelons, Mrs. Geneva believes that as long as you have a hardworking heart and perseverance, the world will be fine, so if you persist, you can grow big and sweet watermelons.

Title: How to grow watermelon more easily
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