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Design & Development

It’s how businesses work smarter, not harder.
Give good ideas become great products

Who are we?

We have the strongest design and development team for horticultural products. Thanks to the development of global automation, our factory will soon introduce intelligent and fully automated robots, which will make future orders even more intelligent and faster.18 Years of Excellence,Fasted Turn Around Time.

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What can we do?

We Will Help Get Your Product Manufactured. OEM/ODM,Funding,Cost Effective,CNC,3D CAD Drawing,Highly Precision,Fast modeling.Based,Manufacturing,Industrial Design.We offer a wide range of customized services.
We know it’s a big investment to design, develop, and test new products. But we also know there’s simply no substitute for experience — and we’re happy to share ours with you!

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Industry Expertise

As Product Creator, we’re always looking for ways to make gardening easier and more joyful. And, like you, we’ve also had our fair share of vexing garden problems. So we stay busy trying to improve and create products that help our gardens thrive.

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Unlimited Creativity

We always ask, “can we make this even better?” “Do you have a product idea?” says Isidro McLaughlin, Product Development Director. “We regularly update and even reinvent products based on new technologies and customer feedback.” but Innovation doesn’t stop with product delivery.

Help us find our next gardening innovation. If there’s a garden solution you’ve been searching for, let us know and we might be able to build it.

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How do we work?



The project starts with your idea for a product. Let us help you define its essential functionality and visualize an approach that will work best for your target market. We will also benchmark and consider examining existing intellectual property.


To make the best product for your business model, we’ll need to use design-for-manufacturing (dfm) methodology so that production can be as efficient as possible. Concepts take shape in our 3D modeling programs, and we can make decisions about features, form factor, and materials. We will agree on the most sensible path forward for your product before advancing to a build phase.


In our fully-equipped facility, we can cut, mill, fabricate, 3D print, wire, and program each part and component before assembling your prototype. The prototyping phase may repeat as different designs are considered and tested.


As experts in manufacturing, automation, and industrial processes, we help you design your product with scaling in mind to leverage savings opportunities down the road. Our in-house capabilities allow us to fulfill some production runs.

5. Delivery

The first generation of your product is ready for production and market. You'll have a complete design package, prototypes, and potentially a small run in stock. You'll also have our support as you move through the next steps.

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Steps 2, 3, and 4 represent the often cyclical, continuous, systematic process for developing the most viable product.

It is important to evaluate the business case and “business value” when developing a product. Our team will confidentially help you assess feasibility quickly and guide you through an analysis of the problem your problem aims to solve.

Businesses and individuals often have ideas for new products to sell to customers, or they may need to protect, validate, and build out a new trade technology to introduce the market.