What is the begonia flower

This is a begonia flower
This is a begonia flower

Begonia flower is a warm-climate ornamental plant in a very large genus. The potential of most Begoniaflowers lies in their ability to provide persistent colors in gloomy or low-light conditions. There are almost a few new-planted varieties that thrive in the sun. Some Begoniaflowers are very large and have lush flowers. Some Begoniaflowers have beautiful markings on the leaves but last longer. The best varieties introduced in recent years also provide eye-catching fragrances.

Begonia flower is generally used as an indoor plant and a shaded flower bed in summer, which originates from the tropics and subtropics. Part of it was planted for its asymmetry, patterns, and colorful flowers and leaves, while others were to add color to the gloomy garden area and produce bright flowers. Although generally small, the color and interest of the packaging of the Begonia flower ornamental plant are overwhelming.

Plant typePerennial
Height/Spread6 – 12 inch and 5 feet tall or more.
ExposureSun to shade, depending on variety.
Bloom TimeBlooming from early summer until frost.
Flower ColorsOrange, Pink, Red, White
WaterMedium water needs
Flower Zones9 – 11
Special FeaturesAttracts butterflies, Attracts hummingbirds, Colorful foliage, Super-easy to grow
The Begonia family has more than 1,800 species known and is one of the largest flower-viewing plants. Nevertheless, it is relatively simple to identify Begonia flower, because all its species can be divided into six categories, with sizes from small to large.

Wax begonias.

The most common is the Begonias species, also called Wax begonias, annual Begonias, or potted Begonias. This shade-loving plant brings a pile of color when planted under a tree or in a flowerpot, hanging basket, or window frame. Wax begonias are usually grown as annuals and can be 6 to 12 inches tall and wide.


Rex begonias.

A subgroup of rhizomes, Rex begonias (Begonia rex), is ubiquitous, usually up to 12 to 18 inches tall and wide. Their distinctive leaves make them popular indoor plants, but they may be picky. They are wonderful in summer flower beds or containers, especially when combined with ferns and other semi-shaded companions.


Tuberous begonias.

Another popular species, Tuberous begonias have spectacular colorful flowers, especially in hanging baskets or containers. They also have a greater growth habit than Rex begonias, growing indoor plants 12 to 18 inches tall and outdoor containers up to 3 feet or taller.


Rhizome begonias.

The largest type, Rhizome begonias, is characterized by relatively thick stems, which means that the rhizomes grow horizontally near the surface of the soil environment and grow new roots and leaves. They also have some of the most interesting leaves and stems and are often grown as indoor plants. There are large and small, ranging from just a few inches to large plants, up to 3 feet tall and wide.


Cane begonias.

With straight growing habits and segmented stems, sugarcane species have beautiful leaves and a universal color for flowering. The angel wing Begonia, known for its wing-shaped leaves, also belongs to this category. They are very popular and suitable as indoor plants, but they can also be grown outdoors. Their size varies with growing conditions, from 6-12 inches indoor plants to 5 feet tall shrubs.

The annual Begonia flower plant has many applications in summer gardens and other places. When people learn how to grow Begonia flower properly, the care of annual Begonia is relatively simple. In the whole process of Begonia flower maintenance, watering is very important, and the proper location is also very important.
Begonia flowers still need some sunlight, but if the sunlight is dazzling and direct, they will not perform well. Instead, place them in filtered or weak light, such as under a tall and thin tree canopy. However, as described below, some Begonia flower species may tolerate more sunlight than others.

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