What are the bells of Ireland flower

This is bells of Ireland flower
This is bells of Ireland flower

The petals of Bells of Ireland look simple, but they are truly praised by the masses. But not because of their bright colors (they are green). On the contrary, why they can attract people’s attention is due to their uniqueness. Bells of Ireland don’t look like other flowers. They stand tall and express their uniqueness by becoming a peculiar plant. They are a fairytale complement to the garden flowerbeds, with a lovely, happy, and romantic, vanilla-like fragrance. Fortunately, growing Bells of Ireland flower from seeds is extremely easy.

Before green flowers became a popular market demand, there was Bells of Ireland, a flowering plant that had just been cultivated since the 15th century. Gardeners and gardeners start to like BellsofIreland. Because of their availability and longevity, you can see them being used for wedding banquet flower arrangements and St. Patrick as members of the Lamiaceae. They are combined with lavender (Lavandula) and sage (Salvia). , Thymus (Thymus) and Mint (Nepeta) and other ornamental plants are related to cooking plants.

Botanical NameMoluccella laevis
Common NamesBells of Ireland, shell flower
Plant TypeAnnual
Mature SizeUsually 3 feet. But ‘Pixie Bells’ variety a height of 2 feet
Sun ExposureFull sun to partial shading
Soil TypeWell-drained, evenly distributed wetting.
Soil pH6.5 to 7.5
Bloom Time7 – 9
Flower ColorWhite, but the emerald green calyx is the most important.
Flower ZonesIn general, 2 to 11, but plants perform better in the north of this range.

Plant description

In fact, Bells of Ireland is a very good topic in all gardens.
Bells of Ireland is a spiky plant covering the calyx, similar to a shell or cup. The dentate and some ovoid to round leaves overlap along the stem. There are tiny spines on the stems, located under the flowers, which are more eye-catching (physically and visually) after drying. This kind of cool and comfortable annual plant is planted for its bright, cup-shaped, paper-like green calyx, not for its tiny, fragrant white petals. The plant is 2-3 feet tall and blooms in late summer. Excellent cut or dried flowers.

About seeds: Every small flower on the flower spike will always turn into a dark brown nut with small brown to black seeds inside.

When to pick it? Fresh flowers can be cut off after more than half of the petals are open. When all Bells of Ireland become “bells”, they can be cut into dried flowers.
Although the name is very general, in fact, this plant originated in Turkey and Syria. It is called the bell of Ireland. The main reason is that it represents good luck and refers to “the luck of the Irish”. The Bells of Ireland dates from the 16th century for Planting began.
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