How to plant begonia bulbs? Planting for tips

How to plant begonia bulbs Planting for tips
How to plant begonia bulbs Planting for tips

When we discuss for how to plant begonia bulbs, some rules must be strictly observed. People who met in practice gave different and sometimes contradictory advice. The result is “average”: following such advice, you will sentence about half of the planted seeds to die.


And at the same time, planting Begonia bulbs is not complicated. Everything begins with the prep of the bulbs, which is one of the most important moments. begonia bulbs before planting necessarily held in a solution that stimulates growth and regulates growth. It is recommended to use a solution of growth preparations, if you do not have it at hand, you can use a weak manganese solution.

Keep the bulbs in the solution for only two days, after which they can be considered ready for planting. Here, it is worth noting the depth of planting. Some recommend half-burying the bulbs in the ground and not covering them completely. And for many people, planting Begonia bulbs means burying them completely, as if they were simply seeds.

I would say that both methods are quite applicable, the only thing to consider is the second one – try to plant the bulbs as close to the soil surface as possible. If the bulbs are purchased, you can follow the seller’s instructions, and the recommendations may vary from variety to variety.

After planting the bulbs into pots, they should be placed in a warm place with light. A windowsill on the sunny side of the house or apartment is ideal.

Water the bulbs immediately, but do not water them heavily and do not let the water stagnate: small bulbs are very intolerant of lack of water, but they will rot quickly from heavy watering.


  1. The soil for begonias should be special, it is advisable to fertilize and use only good soil. However, not everyone knows that the soil should be thoroughly loosened before planting bulbs. In this way, the soil will allow more water to pass through.

2 When growing one or two bulbs in a home greenhouse, the soil is easy to handle. But if you’re growing a lot of plants (in a large box, for example), spending money on so much soil is frankly too greedy.
In this case, you can use regular soil, but improve it a bit. This is done by mixing the soil with compost or regular sand and adding just a little peat when you first fertilize the bulbs after planting them.

  1. Many people do not pay attention to the planting distance of bulbs. However, this is very important. If you want several separate plants in the future, it is best to plant the bulbs at least 10inch (25cm) apart from each other, preferably in separate pots.
    Planting the bulbs very close together will give you a nice “carpet” of flowers.

Begonias have always produced beautiful flowers and have a long flowering period. Don’t forget to take care of your newly planted bulbs by watering them regularly, but not too often, keeping them warm and you will soon get bright, strong, and large flowers.

Title: How to plant begonia bulbs? Planting for tips
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