Large Plants

What is Rafflesia (The biggest flower in the world)

What is Rafflesia (The biggest flower in the world) Rafflesia is a Grandiflora family, which also belongs to the collective name of 20 succulent parasitic herbs. Succulent, parasitic herb, parasitic on the roots, stems, or branches of plants ...

Nutritional value and benefits of cantaloupe

Many cantaloupes are put together. What are the benefits of cantaloupe? Cantaloupe, called melon in ancient times. Cantaloupe has the reputation of "the king of melons" and its sugar content is about 15%. They have different shapes and unique ...

How to grow watermelon more easily

This is a big farm that grows watermelons The top watermelon planting technology makes it so easy to grow watermelons. Watermelon is very familiar to everyone. In summer, everyone likes to eat watermelon very much, because eating ...

What is the begonia flower

This is a begonia flower Begonia flower is a warm-climate ornamental plant in a very large genus. The potential of most Begoniaflowers lies in their ability to provide persistent colors in gloomy or low-light conditions. There are almost a few ...!