Some trick to teach you how to harvest arugula

Some trick to teach you how to harvest arugula
Some trick to teach you how to harvest arugula

How to harvest arugula? This article will teach you what to pay attention to when harvesting arugula and some tips.

Arugula is a peppery plant that is delicious in salads, soups, and other recipes.

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After the arugula grows to 6 inches tall, harvest the arugula and pick the outer leaves to promote its growth.

The small leaves of arugula have a milder taste than the large leaves, and the large leaves tend to be more spicy. Wash the freshly harvested arugula under clean tap water and store it in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.


When the sesame plant grows to 6 inches tall, arugula can be harvested.

Once it reaches this height, it should be old enough and full enough to be harvested.

After about 4-6 weeks, it will grow to 6 inches tall. Choose younger leaves that have a milder taste.

Most people prefer the taste of small leaves because they are not so spicy.

Pick when the leaves grow to 2-3 inches, the taste will be better and milder. The small leaves of arugula are good material for decoration or salad.


Choose large, old leaves for a more spicy taste. The larger and longer the leaves, the spicier.

Cut the large leaves at the edges of the plants to add a touch of color to your recipe. You can add large leaves to salads, cook them like spinach, or add them to soups.

Use garden shears, a knife, or your fingers to cut off the leaves.

Although some people like to use their fingers to pinch where the leaves and stem meet, you can also use tools.

Use sharp garden shears for simple pruning, or use a serrated bread knife to remove the leaves. After harvesting sesame seeds, clean them with scissors or a knife.


Cut off a third of the plants at a time, if you want to harvest all the leaves or the whole plant, this is okay.

But if you want to keep the plant after harvest, it is best to only remove a quarter or a third of the plant material so that there is enough material to grow and replace it immediately.

This will keep the arugula healthy and prosperous. Arugula is annual. After the original leaves are cut off, the plant will continue to grow leaves.

Pick the leaves before the flowering period. Once the arugula has white flowers, the picked leaves will be more bitter.

Try to harvest the leaves before the flowers appear. Pick them as soon as you see the flowers begin to form. If you want, you can eat the flowers.


The ancient Egyptians and Romans believed that arugula leaves and seed oil were an aphrodisiac.

In India, the arugula seed oil is called taramira and is used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Title: Some trick to teach you how to harvest arugula
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