Tips about how much sun do cucumbers need?

Tips about how much sun do cucumbers need
Tips about how much sun do cucumbers need

How much sun do cucumbers need? Cucumbers are neutral sunlight plants and need to receive 8 hours of light per day to remain the best time for cucumbers to grow.

Most varieties need more light, especially during the growing season, if it does not have enough light, it will have slow growth. When it comes to flowering and fruiting, sufficient sunlight can promote the differentiation of flower buds, which will also have many benefits for the expansion of its fruit and better taste.

Cucumber is a plant that likes sunlight, but there is less sunlight in winter, plus even less light in the garden because the environment is destroyed and there are long hazy days.

If there is not enough light, it will slow down the plant’s growth progress, causing cucumbers to grow slowly, prolong the growth period, and decrease the yield, and also breed bacteria and pests, which will affect its normal growth.

So greenhouse-grown cucumbers, in the winter long hazy days, when there is not enough light, we have to artificially supplement its light.


Cucumbers like sunlight, but also tolerate low light. Cucumber light saturation point of 55 ~ 60-kilo lux, light compensation point of 1.5-kilo lux, the optimum light intensity of 20 ~ 60-kilo lux, 20-kilo lux or less, the plant fertility retardation.

Light saturation point and temperature, carbon dioxide content has a certain relationship, when the temperature is high, high carbon dioxide content of cucumber light saturation point also increased accordingly.

Cucumber is a short daylight vegetable, the requirements of the length of sunlight vary depending on the ecotype.

Generally speaking, the low latitude region local varieties, that is, the southern region, South Asia varieties require short sunshine conditions to normal flowering.

And the northern region varieties, namely the northern varieties, the requirements of sunshine length is not strict, basically become medium sunshine vegetables, but 8 to 11 hours of short sunshine conditions can promote the differentiation and formation of female flowers.

Cucumber originated in tropical forest areas, so there is a certain ability to adapt to scattered light, cucumber in the melon is more tolerant of low light.

Light intensity reduced to natural light 1/2, its assimilation amount basically does not decline; but the amount of light for natural light 1/4, assimilation will be reduced by 13.7%, plant fertility, thus causing the melon phenomenon.

For example, continuous rainy days, light is obviously insufficient, cucumber will be tender and disease, and cause melon.

The weight gain of dry matter of cucumber leaves (g/m2) is 2 to 6 times more on sunny days than on cloudy days. After about 10 days of cloudy days, the yield of cucumber will be significantly reduced.

The photosynthetic intensity of the cucumber also has a significant temporality in the day. Generally, morning photosynthesis accounted for 60% to 70% of the total photosynthesis throughout the day.

In terms of light quality, the important role of cucumber photosynthesis, morphological construction, and flower sex differentiation, etc. is 600-700 nm red light and 400-500 nm blue light part.


Cucumbers like temperature and need a certain temperature difference between day and night. Cucumber fertility temperature is 50 ° F ~ 85 ° F. Daytime 75 ° F ~ 85 ° F, 45 ° F ~ 65 ° F at night.

Cucumber photosynthesis temperature is 75 ° F ~ 85 ° F. Although cucumbers like temperature, but the ability to tolerate high temperature is poor.

The temperature reaches 90 °F above the cucumber respiration increases, and the net assimilation rate decreases, more than 105 °F will cause flowering, melon, photosynthesis declines sharply, metabolic function is hindered.

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