Do you know the 6 health benefits of arugula

This is arugula - benefits of arugula
This is arugula – benefits of arugula

Benefits of arugula? What is Arugula?

Arugula (Eruca sativa Mill.) is a cruciferous family, also known as rocket leaves. Arugula is an annual herb that can reach 3 feet tall;

Stems erect, leaves pinnately divided or undivided, apical lobes nearly round or short ovate, with fine teeth, side lobes ovate or triangular-ovate, upper leaf sessile, raceme with many sparse flowers;

The peduncle is pubescent; the sepals are oblong, brownish-purple, the petals turn yellow to white, with purple stripes, short obovate, fruit petals glabrous, seeds brown, angular. Flowering from May to June, fruiting from July to August.

The stems and leaves of this species can be used as vegetables and feed; the seeds can be squeezed from oil for food and medicine.

The nutritional value – benefits of arugula

The oxalic acid content in arugula is very high, and the eighteen kinds of amino acids needed by the human body are contained, which shows how high its nutritional value is. It is also rich in trace elements such as calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, and manganese.

Because arugula is rich in nutrients, it can speed up our body’s metabolism. The cells in the body are replaced very quickly, which effectively improves our immunity and the body’s ability to resist diseases. Becoming healthier.

Arugula is rich in dietary fiber, which can speed up the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, expel waste in the body in time, and effectively prevent constipation.

It is of great help to the health of the stomach. The amount of water in the arugula can reach 92%, so it has the effect of increasing your urine secretion.

This is an appetizer with arugula - benefits of arugula
This is an appetizer with arugula – benefits of arugula
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Six health benefits of arugula

1. Disease prevention and treatment
Arugula is not a simple vegetable. When we take the medicated diet, arugula can be used as a medicine. It can accelerate the growth of cells and inhibit the growth of diseased cells, so it has the effect of preventing cancer. In daily life, I often feel dizzy. When symptoms such as insufficient blood and feces are difficult to discharge, you can eat some arugula to relieve the symptoms.

2. Promote digestion
The seeds of arugula must not be underestimated. It is also valuable and has medicinal value. After we eat it, the speed of digesting food in the intestines and stomach will increase, and bacteria in the body can be eliminated in time, thus having an anti-inflammatory effect.

3. Lose weight
Arugula has the effect of losing weight. If you are too obese and you usually pay more attention to weight loss, you must eat a reasonable diet. It is helpful to choose some green and natural low-calorie foods. Arugula is an ideal choice because Although arugula is nutritious, it has very few calories. Low-calorie foods help to lose weight, so eating arugula is very suitable for weight loss.

4. Moisturize the lungs
It is now in autumn, and the fluctuating heat and cold can easily cause us to get sick and cause cough symptoms. At this time, eating some arugula can relieve the symptoms of cough. Arugula has a very significant diuretic function, which can expel toxins in the body in time, thereby alleviating the condition. It can also eliminate edema.

5. Tonic liver and kidney
The liver is an important active organ of the human body because its work is to supply blood, so eating some arugula can accelerate blood circulation, thereby promoting the health of the liver. There are also people who often feel dizzy in life, and it can be relieved by eating arugula. Due to the unhealthy diet of people nowadays, it is easy to cause constipation. Arugula can regulate the stomach and improve the symptoms of constipation.

6. Invigorate the stomach and reduce inflammation
Many people have some symptoms of gastritis. If there is gastritis, they need to be actively treated. In addition, they also need to be reasonable. Diet is very important. It is very necessary to eat more mild ingredients to maintain their gastrointestinal health. If you can add some arugula to your diet, you can maintain your gastrointestinal health, and it can also eliminate inflammation. So if you want to invigorate the stomach and reduce inflammation, eating arugula is very effective.

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Cannot be arugula mixed what food eats together?

1. Arugula cannot be eaten with chicken
Arugula and chicken cannot be eaten together. The main reason is that the vitamin C contained in arugula conflicts with the nutrients in the muscles, which will reduce the vitamin content of arugula and cause digestion problems.
So when we eat arugula, we must be careful not to eat chicken. If arugula and chicken are eaten together, it is not conducive to the normal absorption of nutrients and will also have some impact on our own health. Therefore, everyone should avoid this combination method.

2. Arugula cannot be eaten with white wine
Many people like to drink while eating arugula. It is indeed very enjoyable to eat arugula as a side dish, but this combination method is unscientific, because once arugula and white wine are combined, it will make the arugula The nutrition of the body drops, and it will stimulate the stomach.
Therefore, arugula and white wine cannot be eaten together. Friends who like to drink white wine must pay attention to it. Do not eat arugula when drinking white wine.

3. Arugula cannot be eaten with seafood
Arugula cannot be eaten with seafood, because seafood is of cold nature. If arugula and seafood are eaten together, it will not only hinder the normal absorption of nutrients by the human body but also reduce its original content. The nutritional value will also cause irritation to your intestines, so everyone must be careful not to eat arugula and seafood together.

The taste of arugula is very fresh and tender, and its nutritional value is also high, so in our daily life, we should choose some arugula to promote our health. It is indeed worth recommending.

Title: Do you know the 6 health benefits of arugula
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