8 tips on how to plant strawberries in a pot

Plant a strawberry in a flowerpot
Plant a strawberry in a flowerpot

how to plant strawberries in a pot? Generally speaking, strawberries can be planted all year round, but it is best to plant them in spring. In order to better help you to plant strawberries, the following Let us have a detailed understanding of strawberry planting techniques!

Strawberries are very easy to cultivate. They can be sown from seeds or transplanted. Sometimes you may find yellow leaves on the plant, but don’t worry, just remove them.

In winter, yellow leaves can always appear, and new leaves will not grow until the end of the frosty winter. Then remove the dead yellow leaves and pay attention to watering, weeding, and pest control.

Strawberries can also be planted in plant bags, but they must be watered evenly to prevent birds from eating strawberries and pests. The soil in the plant bag is easy to dry and needs to be checked frequently to ensure the soil is moist.

Choose a flower pot.

First of all, we must choose the right flower pot, but there are many types of flowerpots on the market, including metal, plastic, and porcelain tiles. It is difficult to choose from. But when planting strawberries, it is recommended to choose a flower pot with better drainage. The material of the flower pot is not important. Strawberries do not have too many requirements for the flower pot bottle, but it must have drainage holes.

The root system of strawberry is relatively shallow, but it needs growing space, too small a flowerpot is not suitable, the flowerpot must be at least 60 cm in diameter. In addition, strawberries need to have enough space during the growth process, so the pots selected cannot be too small.

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Soil selection

The pH value of the soil environment is best to be between 5.6 and 6.5, that is, the slightly acid soil, and it is enough to chase scarce fertilizer once a month. It is recommended to choose slightly acidic loose soil. Strawberries prefer an acidic environment. When the seedlings grow to 6 true leaves, the first topdressing can be done, and urea topdressing is appropriate.

It can be used by dissolving urea in water in a spray can. For the first top dressing, the dosage should be small. Afterward, topdressing fertilizer every 10-20 days, with the growth of seedlings, the amount of fertilizer can be increased appropriately.

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Preparation for cultivation

Before planting, place a layer of debris on the bottom of the flowerpot for the water barrier. The debris can be made of stones or peanut shells to ensure the distance between the water and the soil, and then put the soil in the flowerpot. Generally, it is good to cover 2/3 of the flower pot with the soil.

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Planting of strawberries

Take the strawberry plants bought from the flower shop out of the nursery pot. If the soil is tight, you can repeatedly tap the nursery pot with your hands. Then shake off the excess soil and soak the strawberry roots in the container for about an hour to let the roots Soak up water.

Take the soaked plant out and place it on the mound of the flowerpot, and then use your hand to squeeze the stolons of the strawberry along the mound, and then fill the pot with soil to cover the stolons of the strawberry, Never compact the soil.

Strawberries grow healthy in the farmland. - how to plant strawberries in a pot
Strawberries grow healthy in the farmland.
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The seedling stage is not suitable for flood irrigation, and sprinkler irrigation can be used to meet the water supply. After the seedlings grow to 6 leaves, they can be flooded with small water to prevent silting up the seedlings.

Then pour water into the flowerpot until water leaks out of the pot. Watering is the best choice. The so-called watering is to keep watering until the water flows out from the drain hole at the bottom of the flowerpot, and then pile it up in the pot by hand A few small mounds, this is the place to plant strawberries in the future, planting on the mound is more suitable for strawberry stolon growth.

If you find that the height of the soil has decreased during watering, you need to add some soil to the pot appropriately.

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Prevention of pests and diseases

Insect pests encountered during strawberry growth generally include aphids, whitefly, mites, nematodes, etc. The emergence of insect pests will affect the fruit of the strawberry, destroy its leaves, make the strawberry grow poorly, and affect the flowering and fruiting, so once pests are found When it appears, it must be killed in time to ensure the production of strawberries.

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During the growth of strawberries, the demand for light is very large, so everyone should place the potted plants in a sunny place; in addition, proper fertilization can make the strawberries grow better.
Although strawberry is a monoecious plant with both stamens and pistils on a flower, it can be self-pollinated, but the indoor environment is limited. In order to improve the quality of strawberry fruit and the rate of fruit setting, cross-pollination is recommended.

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Methods to increase strawberry yield

Choose two flowers from the strawberry plant and touch them directly to achieve the purpose of pollination; in addition, you can also use the brush to apply the pollen to other flowers to complete the pollination. If you find it troublesome, you can also put it in a ventilated environment, and let it complete self-pollination by the wind. Of course, it would be best if you can attract bees to complete the pollination.

In autumn, spread a layer of soil on the plants to prevent frost. After the soil freezes, you can spread 3-4 inches of hay on the plants. In the spring of the second year, when new leaves have emerged, remove the hay. After the weather becomes warmer and stable, remove the soil covering the plant surface. But leave some hay between the rows to prevent the growth of weeds and maintain soil moisture.

If you have a greenhouse at home, you can move the strawberries to the greenhouse, which is better. Strawberries are also easier to bear fruit. After the strawberry fruiting period has passed, they can be removed from the greenhouse and placed outside for the winter. From a certain perspective, if the strawberry plants are subjected to some frost, it is more conducive to increase the yield in the coming year.

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Planting cycle

The planting of strawberries has a three-year cycle.

  • Only few strawberries can be harvested in the first year.
  • A lot will be gained in the second year.
  • After the third or three years, the yield of strawberries will drop significantly, and the plants need to be replaced.
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When the strawberry grows well, it will give birth to a kind of vine, and at the end of the vine, there will be new plants. When the small plant grows to 3-4 leaves, you can cut it off and plant it in another pot. Pay attention to watering. It is best not to let the new plant grow strawberries in the first year, only let it grow more leaves. So when you find that the newly grown strawberries in the first year are blooming, you must remove the flowers.
At the same time, don’t forget to put a small sign on the plants to write the date of the new planting, so as not to forget it in the future.

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