10 interesting things show tomatoes good for you

This is colorful tomatoes
This is colorful tomatoes

Brightly colored fruits, sweet and juicy flesh-the taste and effect of tomatoes are incalculable. There are many reasons to eat tomatoes good for you.

Since the Spanish seamen brought seeds from South America to Europe in the 16th century, the debate about which plant the tomato belongs to has been ignited. In Aztec, the word “tomato” means “big berry”. The claim of the Peruvian Indians is not unreasonable, because, from a botanical perspective, the fruit of a tomato is a juicy berry with a thin skin and many seeds.

Its Latin name-Solanum Lycopersicum, which means “wolf peach”, is the name Karl-Linney gave to tomatoes. He was convinced that its fruit should not be eaten, as poisonous as potatoes or belladonna berries. After a long time, people learned that the alkaloid Solanine contained in Solanine fruit will disappear as the fruit matures.

Romantic French people believe that the heart-shaped bright red fruit gives them the power of love, so they are called “love candy”-“love apple”. The Italians seem to know only yellow and orange tomatoes, which they call “golden apples” (pomo d’oro).

Why you should eat tomatoes every day? Let’s take a look.


Tomatoes can prevent cancer

The carotene pigment lycopene makes tomatoes appear red. In addition to its ability to color, it also has strong antioxidant properties, so using tomatoes can protect you from cancer. In heat-treated fruits, such as ketchup, sauce, or ketchup, the content of this substance is even higher than that of fresh vegetables.
The human body cannot produce lycopene, so people can only obtain it through food. In addition to tomatoes, apricots and watermelon also contain precious carotenoids. Eating 10 servings of tomatoes a week can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men by 45%. This is not the only health study.

Tomato can prevent ultraviolet rays

People who like to bask in the sun should often eat tomato sauce. The preventive effect of consuming “tanning oil” has only recently been discovered. However, the tomato itself cannot withstand the harmful radiation of the sun. So, don’t refuse sunscreen oil and sunscreen with special filters. Quite simply, eating tomatoes in the seaside season will further enhance the effect of cosmetics, thereby hindering the strong A and B ultraviolet rays.

Tomatoes make your skin smooth.

Eating tomatoes regularly can help you achieve a slim figure, prevent cancer, and maintain beautiful and healthy skin.
The vitamin C contained in tomatoes has a positive effect on your skin: it saturates the oxygen in the cells and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Tomato juice can help whiten unsightly erythema after acne. In addition, tomatoes contain vitamin E, which is also called “the elixir of youth”. Products containing this vitamin will help prevent the appearance of deep wrinkles and prevent premature skin aging.

Tomatoes help strengthen nails and hair

During the tomato ripening season, there is no need to spend money on expensive beauty. The minerals they contain can help you solve the problem of split nails and brittle nails.
The pigment in tomatoes is an ideal remedy for those who suffer from unprofessional hairdressers. If the hair turns green when the dye fails, the best way to eliminate this unpleasant problem is to make a mask with tomato sauce. In the process of 20 minutes, the red dye will neutralize the green. However, please note-exposed hair may take on a warm reddish hue.
Tomato juice will act as a conditioner after washing your hair. Apply it on the scalp and hair for 5 minutes, then rinse with water. This mask can moisturize the hair and make it smooth and shiny. For people with dry and itchy scalp, this surgery can also help.
This is the tomato that has been cut - tomatoes good for you
This is the tomato that has been cut

Tomatoes can stimulate the immune system

Tomatoes are the best source of ascorbic acid and can be eaten all year round. In addition, the amount of pulp contained in the greenhouse fruits of the “anti-cold vitamin” is the same as the pulp in the soil “brothers”.
But when choosing tomatoes, their maturity should be the standard. When mature, there is a strong smell where the stalks are attached.
A large tomato can provide 60% of the body’s daily standard vitamin C. In addition to its anti-infective properties, ascorbic acid can accelerate the healing process of wounds and bruises, and promote rapid recovery after strenuous exercise.

Tomato regulates blood sugar levels

Tomato is an ideal choice for diabetics because tomato fruit contains a lot of chromium. This chemical element helps to maintain the stability of blood sugar levels and prevent sharp fluctuations in blood sugar.

Tomato can relieve the symptoms of menopause

Women in menopause are often overweight, have heart disease, and often have tumors. According to medical research, many symptoms that accompany menopause can be reduced or even eliminated. This can be achieved by following a Mediterranean diet based on vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and tomatoes.

Stewed tomatoes are healthier than raw tomatoes

Traditionally, people think that eating raw fruits and vegetables is healthier. The tomatoes are no exception: the tomatoes just picked from the bushes are delicious and delicious. But another well-known fact is that thermal processing will increase the beneficial effects of tomatoes on the human body. Lycopene contained in the cell membrane is released under the influence of temperature. Since heat energy is easier to absorb, the useful quality of vegetables not only does not decrease, on the contrary, it doubles.
Who can not eat tomatoes?
However, there are restrictions on the use of tomatoes. Patients with gastritis, ulcers, and kidney disease should not eat. Because tomatoes contain oxalic acid, people with arthritis, gout, and rheumatism should not eat them. In addition, tomatoes often cause allergic reactions, so people who are prone to allergies should be careful when eating tomatoes. However, some green tomato varieties do not cause hives, rashes, and itching.
According to various data, there are 10,000 to 25,000 tomato varieties in the world. Their fruits have the most unusual hues, ranging from white and pink to purple and black. Its beneficial properties are always stable and are not affected by color, variety, and growth conditions.
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