Why Cactus not Bloom

Why Cactus not Bloom
Why Cactus not Bloom

There’s a reason why many people grow cactus as a purely “green” indoor decoration: they require special conditions to establish flower buds. But for lovers of unique flowers that appear more colorful against a backdrop of thorny stems, any difficulty in arranging a proper rest will be more than rewarded. It is not necessarily the most dominant temperature in their overwintering process. Strong humidity contrasts, special lighting, and a radical change in general care – here is the key to the colorful blooms of your favorite cactus. There is also a possible reason for the absence of long-awaited blooms. You will learn how to grow cactus plants in ThumbGarden’s article.


The only thing that different types of cacti have in common is the fear of over-watering and humidity. Too much and too frequent watering during the hot summer months can also ruin these fascinating plants. All plants of the cactus family, without exception, need to maintain at least half the soil humidity in winter. But that’s where the similarities end. And all the diversity of cacti comes into play, which determines whether and under what “conditions” they can flower.

Thick, handsome foliage and golden prickles mean that Cereus, Echinocactus, and Cleistocactus cannot flower at home until old age. Neither can color (or, more simply, dyed) mini cacti, which fill the shelves as colorful interior decorations.

To make it easier to “deal” with cacti and choose a dormancy strategy, it is easiest to divide them into two basic groups, overwintering cool and warm species, and remember that they are very different from each other.

  1. Classic desert or African cacti, with a dry and cool dormant period during the winter.
  2. Forests (South America) are surprisingly water-loving species with frequent flowering shifts and different care requirements.

Choosing the right species for which flowering conditions are created is the key to success. If moving to a cold environment (such as a cold hall or a sheltered balcony) is not a problem, you can choose a full range of indoor cacti. It is best to choose according to your taste and evaluate the species only from the point of view of decoration.

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