What will be the proper time when planting an apple tree

When plant apple tree
When plant apple tree

when plant apple tree? It is recommended that apple trees be best in autumn, with a high survival rate in autumn, and good seedling development, but in mountain orchards in the north and areas with arid and windy winters.

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Spring planting is mainly used, and the spring cannot reach mid-April at the latest. It should be noted that late planting in spring will cause a low survival rate of seedlings, a small number of branches, and easy growth into small old trees.

Apple trees should be planted as early as possible in autumn and winter, early October is appropriate.

At this time, the soil moisture in the suitable range of root system is sufficient, and it is suitable for root system growth and development after planting, which can prolong the growth period and facilitate growth and germination in the coming year.

Many gardeners, especially beginners, ask this question. This is usually the case: a family buys a house with land, immediately moves everything there, and then begins to consider what to plant, where to plant it, and most importantly, when plant apple tree?

In fact, the planting time can be carried out in spring or autumn. If it is spring, it should be carried out after the soil is thawed, and before the fruit trees germinate. The advantage is that the manpower in the spring is sufficient and the seedlings can be managed carefully.

The disadvantage is that after the fruit trees are planted, the slow seedling period is relatively long. Because the temperature is relatively low, the fruit trees germinate and grow slowly.

If it is planted in autumn, then choose to plant it before the soil is frozen. In autumn, the surface temperature is higher and the soil fertility is relatively good. Therefore, for seedlings, their wounds are easy to heal, and new root systems can be produced, which is conducive to the restoration of root systems and has a high survival rate in the second year.

Advantages of planting seedlings in autumn

The advantage of planting in autumn can only be on seed crops. Stone crops are in a deep resting state. They may not have time to acquire new root systems so that they can absorb water for the winter.

The twigs do not get enough water, they will freeze to death in winter, or they will dry out.

At this time, the sun can evaporate all the appropriate amount of water on the twigs and reflect it from the ice surface, just like reflecting from a mirror (this is why the ice breaks in the garden).

The sensitive root neck of plants (where the root meets the trunk) may also be affected. But seed varieties develop a root sucking system (often at the root tip, light color) quite quickly.

This is why you should water intensively when planting in the fall – even if it rains. Then fully enrich the soil moisture, and the seedlings are saturated with moisture, so you are not afraid of winter drought.

Moist soil freezes more slowly, and after freezing, it will not react to aggressive thawing and initiate the expansion process of the productive (flower) buds in winter.

And we will also help them-we will wrap the tree trunks with white agricultural textile cloth (because burns will still occur when whitewashed with lime powder, and rain, even if it is accidental and short-term, will reduce all the painting work to zero).

We will also use nets (until the first skeleton branch) to prevent mice, we will cover the shrub area with dry leaves, and we will throw cedar bushes on it (so that it can block the snow).

Benefits of planting in autumn

  1. In a good fertile soil environment, you can choose a large number of seedlings and varieties to partition in your area (this is very important, keep the partition in mind).
  2. Of course, there is a lot of water in the soil. Of course, we will add that although it happens that there is less rainfall in autumn, you must pour more water (5-6 buckets for a plant)
  3. Quite a lot of free time: put it into the warehouse after harvesting, and the planting itself does not require much time.
  4. Generally speaking, the plot is relatively clean, there is no problem with the soil, it will not stick to the shovel, and the planting process itself is very fast.
  5. In autumn, it is easier to determine the basic direction of seedling growth (should be planted in this way); in relation to the growth of seedlings (it should be planted this way);
    This is easy to understand because the crust is darker on the south side and shallower on the north side; however, if the seedlings are not developed proportionally, that is, the entire “left side” is facing south, then it is more important to unfold it than to correct it by pruning later. it is good.
  6. There is no need for supporting piles in autumn, and soil settlement are less, but even if the slope of the garden is small, supporting piles are also needed in autumn.

Disadvantages of planting in autumn

  1. There may be sudden cold weather, due to the similar accumulation of underground water, the seedlings will die, especially in northern areas and gardeners who plant gardens on the mountains.
  2. A reputable nursery shop sometimes puts the planting of defective products at the top in autumn and keeps the best nursery in the warehouse (for spring), so you should pay attention to the proper quality of the seedlings.
  3. Autumn can be very dry for a long time, requiring a lot of watering, which literally means watering the seedlings.
  4. Usually the price of seedlings in autumn is much higher because the remaining defective products are sold in spring. If they cannot be sold, they are usually thrown away. In autumn, there will be seedlings.
  5. If you get high-quality seedlings, you must find a place to dig seedlings.
  6. Be sure to plant seedlings. Before branching for the first time, wrap the trunk with a plastic net to protect the trunk from hares and mice.
What will be the proper time when planting an apple tree
What will be the proper time when planting an apple tree

But now that spring is here, this is very different. It may start suddenly in February, or it may be cold until May, and nothing can grow.

Everything is covered in snow and ice. But in spring, there is usually a lot of moisture, especially after the snowmelt. Therefore, there is no need to carry buckets and watering cans, and there is no need to throw hoses into the strips of the trunk to prevent the plants from drying out.

In the spring, you can plant stone fruit crops, which we dug in a secluded corner, where there is a lot of snow and rodents.

So, once the soil in your hands starts to shatter, you can start growing plants.

During this period, the moisture in the soil is sufficient, but if you have dug the planting hole and the soil does not look moist enough, you can pour a bucket of water into it.

The most important thing is that when planting stone fruit crops, in any case, do not deepen the water into the root neck.

Even after the soil has settled, the plant must be a few centimeters higher than the soil height, otherwise, the plant will rot and die.

In stone fruit crops, the root neck cannot be deepened, but its deepening will affect the fruiting time, and the result will last more than five years.

Advantages of planting in spring

  1. Reputable nursery shops will use them to keep the best nurseries in spring to meet your needs because they know that the spring trade is not so intensive and the nurseries cannot be sold; but you need to check the seedlings carefully: they are frozen They are still dry, because who knows where and how they are stored.
  2. Under normal circumstances, there is a lot of water in the soil (the water after melting snow), but you can add it at any time, mainly because there is time to place the seedlings before the buds burst so that the root system starts to run faster in the soil and activate the ground plants Grow.
  3. Spring is a good time to plant stone fruit crops. If the seedlings are not damaged or sick, they can take root 100%.
  4. Work in the garden warmly and happily in spring, and the cold wind is not permeable, so all planting work is usually of better quality, instead of “plant some quickly…and then go to a warm place” as in autumn.

Disadvantages of spring planting

  1. The reputable nursery shop sells high-quality nurseries and the best varieties in autumn, but the remaining inferior nurseries are shoddy and not standardized. Although the price is cheap, they may be defective, so choose to Be careful.
  2. In addition, in the nursery, if the storage is incorrect, you can sell the sprouts. Even at a discount, these measures should not be taken because there is a high probability that they will not take root.
  3. Spring is a short and fleeting time. The most important thing is to have time to plant the seedlings before the buds burst, otherwise, it may not take root.
  4. Spring water is different, sometimes it is rich in water, and sometimes the soil is like sand in the desert.
    Then it is necessary after watering. The plant should be literally watered until it starts to grow until young shoots appear.
    But you must be very careful about stone fruit crops: if the water stagnates at the roots, the neck may start to grow and rot, and the tree may die.
  5. Usually in spring, the soil is not as dense as in autumn, so the installation of supporting nails must be provided, otherwise, a gust of wind or careless handling of the seedling will make it tilt; if it is not noticed in time, it will become distorted.
  6. After planting in spring, various preventive solutions can be used to prevent various pests.
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