How to plant cucumber seeds: Step Guide and Tips

How to plant cucumber seeds
How to plant cucumber seeds

How to plant cucumber seeds? Cucumbers usually use sexual reproduction (seed reproduction) when they are planted, but because cucumber juice contains certain plant alkaloids and organic acids that inhibit growth, they can inhibit the germination of seeds.

If they are treated before sowing It is difficult to germinate even after sowing cucumbers. This article will introduce How to plant cucumber seeds!

Cucumber seed treatment

According to the survey of various cucumber invasive diseases, about 34.6% of the seeds carry the disease.

There are mainly anthracnose, scab, black spot, bacterial angular spot disease, etc., so seeds should be disinfected before sowing.

There are many disinfection methods. Among them, thermal sterilization is better. It has the advantages of simple operation, wide sterilization spectrum, safety to seeds, environmental protection, and cost-saving, and it is suitable for use by friends.

Pre-soak in warm water

Firstly, the cucumber seeds are immersed in room temperature water for pre-soaking for 4 hours and then immersed in 130°F hot water after removal, sterilized by heat for 15 minutes, then removed and put into cold water to cool down, and then transferred to germination or seeding.

Attention is to strictly observe the water temperature and time required by the technical requirements.

Seed disinfection

Seed disinfection is the most economical and effective way to prevent and control a variety of infectious diseases and insect pests, and it is an indispensable measure to prevent diseases and insect pests at the seedling stage.

Due to the small amount of pesticide used for seed treatment and the long time before the cucumber harvest, there is almost no problem with pesticide residues. Therefore, it is also an important measure to promote the use of pollution-free vegetables.

Seed coating

The seed coating contains fungicides and insecticides that kill seed-borne diseases and underground pests, as well as trace element fertilizers and plant growth regulators that can promote seed germination and cucumber growth.

Some commercial seeds are now coated before they leave the factory, and such seeds do not need to be disinfected.

Soak seeds in warm water

Soaking seeds in the warm soup is a method of using the difference in tolerance of dry seeds and germs to a high temperature to kill germs on the surface of seeds through high temperature.

Put the dry seeds into the warm water of 130°F-140°F, keep stirring, and constantly add hot water, keep the water temperature of 130°F-140°F for 10 minutes.

Lower the temperature to 80°F-85°F and then soak the seeds for 4-6 hours.

How to plant cucumber seeds Step Guide and Tips
How to plant cucumber seeds Step Guide and Tips

Medicament soaking

  1. Use 800 times liquid of 72.2% Propamocarb liquid or 25% metalaxyl wettable powder, soak the seeds for 20 minutes, which can prevent fungal diseases of cucumber seedlings.
  2. Soaking seeds in a 500-fold solution of 50% thiram wettable powder for 20 minutes can prevent anthracnose and stem blight.
  3. Coating disinfection with 2.5% Shileshi suspension seed coating agent can not only kill the pathogenic fungi lurking in the seed coat, but also penetrate into the seeds, kill the pathogenic fungi that invade the seeds, and effectively control the seedling stage of melons. Diseases such as damping-off and blight.
  4. In order to prevent the seeds from carrying viruses and causing viral diseases, you can soak the seeds with 10% trisodium phosphate solution for 20 minutes.
  5. For those who plant a large amount, the streptomycin dilution (500:1) that can be used for soaking seeds for 2 hours can prevent bacterial diseases.

No matter what kind of medicine is used to soak the seeds, the seeds should be washed with water after soaking to prevent the occurrence of phytotoxicity.

Seed soaking and germination

Seed soaking

After soaking seeds in warm water or medicament, soak the seeds at a temperature of 75°F-85°F for 4-6 hours, so that the seeds absorb 50-60% of their dry weight, and then rub the mucus on the seed coat by hand to remove the germination Inhibit substances, rinse off impurities and deflated seeds, and rinse with clean water.

Seed germination

The soaked seeds are wrapped in clean wet gauze, and the outer bread is wrung out with a wet towel, and placed at 75°F-85°F to accelerate germination.

Wash it with warm water 1-2 times a day, continue to germinate after washing, and germinate in 16-20 hours at a temperature of 75°F-85°F. The germinated seeds can be sorted out in batches for sowing or placed at 40°F-45°F. Under the conditions, sow the seeds together after they are all out.

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