What country produces the most corn

what country produces the most corn
what country produces the most corn

what country produces the most corn? The top five corn production rankings in the world are the United States, China, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. These five countries all use corn as their main economic product.

Corn is a very delicious delicacy that can be made into various products. In this form, corn played an important role in the age of hunger, and people all over the world have a particularly strong feeling for corn.

1. United States
The United States is an extremely developed country in both agriculture and industry. The United States uses its own industrial mechanized production to bring agricultural production to a new level. The United States has the largest corn producer in the world, precisely because the United States has a lot of excellent arable land. , And the corn planting and harvesting in the United States are all fully automated.

2. China
Maize was grown in China thousands of years ago. Maize is an important economic product in my country. Many people in our country like to eat roasted corn. Corn can also be ground into cornmeal to cook polenta. It is also one of the important breakfasts for Chinese people. China The people cannot do without corn, and corn has solved many Chinese people’s hunger problems.

3. Brazil
Brazil is a country with a typical tropical rain forest area. This area of ​​Brazil is particularly rich in heat and rain, which is suitable for the growth of various agricultural products. The corn grown in Brazil is full and crystal clear. It is on the market. Widely acclaimed.

4. Argentina
In Argentina, the main staple food of people is corn. Argentine people can’t live without corn. Therefore, Argentina has a large amount of arable land to grow corn. The taste of corn grown by the Argentine people is the same as that of the Brazilians. Typical representatives, even the locals’ corn is sold overseas.

5. Chile
Although Chile is a relatively long and narrow country and has a small land area, the local people have a special liking for corn. They not only like to eat corn but also like to make corn. They can process corn into various food forms. Chilean people treat them like Treating corn as one’s life, corn has become one of the main food sources of Chilean people.

CountryProduction (tons)Production area (ha)Production (kg/ha)
Data comes from wikipedia.org

Corn is one of the most widely planted crops in the world. It is grown in more than 170 countries and regions around the world. Corn is the world’s most productive food crop and the most important forage grain.

Global corn is divided into two growth periods in the northern and southern hemispheres. The sowing period in the northern hemisphere is in April and May, and in South America (Brazil and Argentina) it is from September to November.

The maize harvest period in South America (Brazil and Argentina) is from March to May each year, while the maize harvest period in the United States and China in the northern hemisphere is from September to October.

As South America (Brazil, Argentina) has relatively small corn production, the concentrated supply of corn is still in September-October, mainly supplied by the United States and China in the northern hemisphere.

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