What are the black currant benefits

Here are some black currants
Here are some black currants

Black currant benefits, Speaking of black currant, everyone may think of grapes first, but black currant and grape belong to two different plants, and black currant is a kind of small berry food.

Its origin is in Russia, especially its origin in Europe. Its sales in Europe are also very high. The weather is relatively cold, so it grows for a long time. Its black appearance tastes strong and flavorful. It contains nutritional value.

It is very rich, so what are the effects and functions of black currant? What are the benefits of proper eating for our health?

The calories of blackcurrant

  • The calories of black currants are not very high. According to scientific research, the calories contained in every 100 grams of edible black currants are 46 calories. Therefore, compared with similar fruits, the calories of black currants are not very high. High and some of the nutritional value in blackcurrant is also very rich.
  • As a low-calorie, high nutritional value food, it is very suitable for people during weight loss as a supplement to the body’s nutritional elements, and the content of some carbohydrates in it is high, which can help our body’s life activities. provide energy.
  • Some nutrients in blackcurrant and some dietary fiber are very rich. People in the weight-loss industry can not only supplement body nutrition, but also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, thereby promoting Defecation, preventing fat accumulation, and assisting weight loss, especially as a low-calorie fruit, it is very suitable during weight loss.
  • People take it as nutritious food, but blackcurrant is not suitable to eat more. We only need to consume 200 to 400 grams of fruit per day. It is very healthy to eat blackcurrant with other fruits. It is very healthy for the elderly. For people, eating some black currant appropriately can also prevent gout, arthritis, and three high symptoms.
The plate is filled with black currant - black currant benefits
The plate is filled with black currants

The nutritional value of blackcurrant

  • Nowadays, with the popularization of electronic products, everyone’s eyesight has declined. Eating some blackcurrant can improve eyesight, because it contains some antioxidants, such as vitamin C and Anthocyanin. Especially the vitamin C contained in it has a very high content in the fruit. These antioxidant substances can improve the activity of our cells, and can also improve eyesight and improve body immunity.
  • Blackcurrant also has the effect of protecting teeth. The same is because of the content of some vitamin C and antioxidant ingredients. It can strengthen the gums and protect the teeth.
  • The content of some mineral elements in blackcurrant is very rich, especially the calcium element contained in it. Calcium element plays a very good role in the health of our bones and teeth, especially for teenagers and children. It can promote the growth and development of the body, and the elderly can also prevent symptoms such as osteoporosis.
  • Some of the iron contained in it can increase blood, because iron, as a raw material for the synthesis of hemoglobin, can promote blood circulation in our body, and some of the unsaturated fatty acids in it can also protect us The blood vessels, enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, prevent some arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Black currant is rich in nutritional value and low in calories. People who eat some appropriately during the weight-loss period can also help weight loss.

What foods can’t blackcurrant be mixed with

  • It is best not to drink some milk after we have eaten the blackcurrant, because after the two foods are matched together, it may have an adverse effect on our health, so it is best not to eat those two foods together.
  • Also, blackcurrant should not be eaten with seafood. When we eat seafood, we should not eat blackcurrant again when we eat fruit. Although eating these two kinds of food in our daily life is very helpful to our health. , But if they eat together, it may cause insufficient absorption of their nutrients, thereby reducing their nutritional value.
  • In our daily life, it’s best not to eat with laxative foods, because blackcurrant has a laxative effect. If the two foods are eaten together, it may make our intestines more Lubrication, resulting in diarrhea. We should not drink water immediately after eating blackcurrant, because drinking water may also cause diarrhea symptoms and affect our health.
  • Although blackcurrant is a food with very high nutritional value, we should not eat too much when we eat it, especially for people with indigestion or gastrointestinal diseases. If you eat too much, it may also cause gastrointestinal digestion. Because the sugar content in the blackcurrant is very high.
The above is this article to introduce the effects and functions of blackcurrant. Blackcurrant is not only high in nutritional value but also very comprehensive. It is very helpful for our health to eat properly and is suitable for all ages.
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