How often to water succulents

How to control watering succulents requires long-term experience. We have to estimate whether the succulents need watering. Generally, watering will be carried out according to the dryness and wetness of the soil environment.

So how often do the succulents be watered? Generally, the soil should be watered when the dryness of the soil is about 90%. Do not let it dry out.

Why should the soil be 90% dry before it can be watered?

When the soil is dry, then watering can cause injury to the succulent roots. Many planting friends are misled about the need to wait for the soil to dry out before watering, which is a big misconception. Of course, most succulents can still survive in this method situation, after all, their biological genes determine their toughness to survive, but watering in this way will be harder for the succulent plants to become ugly. What is the cause of this?

The main reason is that after the soil is dry, the roots of succulent plants will dry up and die due to lack of water, no matter what kind of plants, root death is a very harmful thing, and then watering afterward can not save the roots, the damage has been formed, so accumulated over the years, the roots repeat the process of drying up and dying, the succulent natural growth is not good.

So when we water, we can’t wait for the soil to dry out, the soil can be watered when it is about 80%-90% dry. At this time, the roots are in a state of water shortage, but will not cause the death of a large number of tiny roots, this time watering can give the roots a lot of “energy” so that it instantly full of vitality, the state can also be adjusted to the best.

How often to water succulents
How often to water succulents

How often do you watering succulents

how often to water succulents? To know when to water succulents, you must learn how to tell when the dry and wet state of the potting soil. As we said above, the 80%-90% dryness of the potting soil is the best time to water, but we cannot The soil is dugout to see if it is dry, so method judgment is needed.

There are many ways to judge, there are two most common and easy way to use:


Judging by the weight of the flower pot

This requires readers to grasp the weight of the entire flowerpot in advance. The weight of the entire flowerpot after being wet, and the weight of the entire flowerpot after drying. Experienced gardeners can know the dryness of the flowerpot only by careful observation. If you are a novice, you can prepare a weight scale. Weigh the flower pots in both dry and wet states. It is recommended to record them. Of course, this record needs to be updated regularly, because succulents will grow and their weight will also change.

Judging by soil color

Choose soils with large color changes. This kind of soil is best to have strong water permeability and strong water absorption, which is very good for root breathing. Especially for high-quality soil, the surrounding color turns yellow or even white when it is dry, but it turns reddish brown after watering. It is easy to see the moisture content of the soil.

Notes on the watering time of succulents


Succulent watering time varies from season to season

Succulent watering generally depends on the degree of dryness of the potting soil, but also take into account the seasonal factors. Generally speaking, spring and autumn are the growing seasons, and the temperature is suitable, so you can give it sufficient water.

But if it is in the summer and winter dormant period, the temperature is very high or very low, the root system of the succulent will enter the dormant period, the water requirement at this time will be greatly reduced, so even if the potting soil is dry to the extent that it can be watered, you do not have to give it too much water, a small amount of watering, and the interval should be extended.

If the growth period is once a week, then the dormant period can be once every 10 to 15 days, which is supposed to be watered less.

Succulent watering time varies by species

Different succulent species require different amounts of water. For example, Haworthia Duval needs more water, while Aizoaceae is more drought-tolerant. So Haworthia Duval should be watered when the soil is 80% dry, while Aizoaceae should be watered when it is 90% dry.

The above is the analysis of how often to water succulent plants and how to judge the watering time, I hope it can help you. Succulent watering is not a one-day effort but requires years and years of accumulated experience.
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