What are the benefits of cactus and can it be eaten

Cactus is a very familiar plant, benefits of cactus planting some cactus at home will be able to make the air fresher, but also to achieve the role of resistance to radiation, cactus above a lot of thorns, its survival ability is very strong, in fact, cactus can also be eaten, but not all kinds of cactus can eat, we should pay special attention!

Is it possible to eat cactus?

There are many kinds of cactus, some are edible, but must be correctly selected, do not buy those inedible cactus, this non-edible cactus with toxic, after eating the body will have serious consequences, if you want to buy cactus to eat, you must go to the supermarket or vegetable market place to buy, choose the color of tender green, no thorns, no wrinkles, smooth surface cactus, this cactus edible and the taste is not bad.

The efficacy and role of cactus

  1. Cactus can reduce blood fat and blood pressure, and it can also lower blood sugar. If you eat some cactus every day, you can remove excess sugar, fat, and cholesterol in the body, and can effectively discharge toxins in the body to increase the speed of metabolism. Become faster.
  2. Cactus can also delay the body’s aging, can effectively remove amino acids and other substances, and it contains very rich copper elements, zinc elements, which participate in the process of nucleic acid metabolism, which will make growth and development and lifespan better and longer.
  3. The cactus also contains polysaccharides, which can resist oxidation and make the body age less quickly. The cactus can also have an anti-inflammatory effect. If the skin is itchy, painful or inflammation, it can be treated with cactus. The extracted aromatic amines and sugars can play a good solution, and the extracts in the cactus can also effectively inhibit the damage of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus to the body.
  4. Enhance body immunity. Cactus can not only make metabolism faster, but also improve body immunity, improve microcirculation, dissolve blood clots, and repair ulcers. When problems such as constipation or indigestion occur, You can use cactus to treat resistance.
  5. The extract of cactus can increase the blood flow of the gastric mucosa, can play a good role in protecting the stomach, and is also very good for the treatment of gastric ulcers.

Cactus has many uses. In daily life, if we eat cactus, we can take many ways to eat it. There are many ways to eat edible cactus. In Japan, the methods generally used in China are frying, stir-frying, deep-frying, boiling, cold dressing, and many other cooking methods.

The nutritional value of cactus

Cactus also contains a lot of amino acids and trace elements, and it also contains Opuntia Stricta, which can strengthen the body’s resistance to heat, detoxify, and beautify skin. It can also moisturize the lungs and relieve the throat. For children and middle-aged and elderly people, proper eating of some vegetable cactus can also allow the body to absorb more calcium.

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