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World’s Best Tasting Comice Pear Tree

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“Growing Zones 5-9
Botanical Name Pyrus ‘Comice’
Type Deciduous
Rootstock Pyrus calleryana
Mature Height 12 – 18 feet
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Soil Widely Adaptable
Moisture Moderate
Growth Rate Medium
Flower Color White
Harvest Time Mid Season
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Fruiting Time 3 – 5 years
Pruning Time Late Winter

World’s Best Tasting Comice Pear Tree!
Excellent Quality Rich Fruit
Large, Greenish-Yellow Skin & Rosy-Red Blush
Crisp, Sweet Juicy Fruit
Creamy White Flesh
Fresh Eating, Baking, Canning & Stores Well
Mid-Spring Pristine White Flowers
Also Known As Doyenne du Comice
Vigorous Growth
Harvest Mid-Season
Little Pruning Required
Recommended Pollinators: Bartlett, Bosc & D’Anjou
Antique Variety
Award-Winning Royal Horticultural Society
Traditional Christmas Pear
500-600 Chill Hours
Enjoy a seasonal bounty of fresh, delicious pears when you plant our Comice Pear Tree (Pyrus ‘Comice’). Dubbed the ‘Connoisseur’s Pear,’ the Comice has been a generational favorite among growers and foodies, beloved for its deliciousness as a fresh-eating pear as well as its delightful culinary potential.

As winter turns to spring, watch in amazement as the tree puts on a spectacle for you (and passersby) to enjoy. It comes to life with pristine white blooms that attract butterflies and other pollinators who follow its subtle fragrance instinctively.

Comice pears are sweet and juicy with a firm texture that gives you that classic pear “”snap”” with every bite. The skin of the pear is light green and has a faint rosy blush that lets you know it was picked at the peak of perfection.

First introduced in the 1800s in France and quickly sealed its reputation as being a fantastic pear to grow. Comice is a traditional pear found in gift baskets during the Holidays.

How to Use Comice Pear Tree In The Landscape
European Pears are beautiful, ornamental trees that also bear superior fruit. Whether you choose to grow just one in your front yard for its natural landscape-enhancing beauty, or several lining your driveway, you’ll enjoy its year-round accents.

Plant several as a hedgerow for privacy and property definition, or in the backyard for a small orchard. Great as a small-statured shade tree over your patio and seating areas, or as a shaded anchor to larger garden beds. These are fantastic anywhere they are planted.

A beautiful specimen tree, Comice needs a pollinator to produce the best yield receiving the best pollination in a group of other suitable pears. If you are short on space, try this high-density planting trick in our Garden Blog!

The crunch of this pear and the firmness of its flesh make it ideal for baking, adding to a pear crisp, and baking pies. Its flesh also makes it a great pear for canning, letting you preserve some of your harvest for enjoyment later on in the year.”

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  1. BB

    Gotta love them
    Review by BB on 8 Feb 2015review stating Gotta love themI’ve bought Comice pears any chance I can at the food store.. I bought one from Nature Hills and maybe it’s just me but the fruit tastes much sweeter picked straight from the tree. I love them!

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  2. GardenWizard

    The Best of Everything Pear
    Review by GardenWizard on 4 Mar 2008review stating The Best of Everything PearThe Comice is rarely found in a grocery store. What a shame. This very white fleshed pear is the most flavorful of all the great pears and has a melt in your mouth consistency, almost like ice cream. Not bland but very distinctive, rich flavor. The best dessert pear and before it is too ripe, the best eating pear. If I could only have one kind of Read more about review stating The Best of Everything Pearpear it would have to be this one. The Comice is the favorite pear of the French and the great chefs.

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  3. Deborah L.

    Doing well
    Review by Deborah L. on 5 May 2020review stating Doing wellWe bought our tree a month or so ago to help pollinate our two pear trees. I was gobsmacked at how tall and lush it was. We planted it and it¡¯s growing rally well. Very healthy looking. I¡¯ve ordered a lot of plants online, but the best by far have come from this nursery.

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  4. The P.

    This tree produes the juicest pears know to man. I love this tree!!!

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  5. Grinchie

    I live on the east coast in West Virginia. Bartlette pear trees are more common to our area than the Comice pear. From surfing the internet I found their are not too many nurseries that sell comice pear trees online. I had never ordered from Nature Hills Nursery before, and I decided to give them a try. When the tree arrived, I was very pleased. TRead more about review stating My first Comice Pear Tree.he tree had several branches with sprouts ready to break open. The trunk of the tree was about 1 inch in diameter, and the root system was healthy. I would definately order from Nature Hills Nursery again. I can’t wait for this tree to mature and have my first taste of a comice pear.

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  6. Joe

    I bought my comice pear last spring. It came already pruned with the branches growing out of all sides of the trunk with a very good root system. The The buds started to grow in less than two weeks. By the end of the summer each branch grew about 24 inches longer. Now on March 26, 2016 the buds have started to grow again, but it doesn’t look like Read more about review stating Great healthy tree.there will be any flowers this year. I’m hoping that by 2017 I’ll have fruit.

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    World’s Best Tasting Comice Pear Tree
    World’s Best Tasting Comice Pear Tree

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