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Sweet & Crispy Lemon-Yellow Shinseiki Pear Tree for Sale


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“Growing Zones 5-9
Botanical Name Pyrus ‘Shinseiki’
Type Deciduous
Mature Height 12 – 18 feet
Mature Spread 10 – 12 feet
Sun Exposure Full Sun
Soil Well Drained
Moisture Moderate
Growth Rate Medium
Flower Color White
Foliage Color Green
Fall Color Orange, Red
Harvest Time Mid Season
Pollinator Friendly Yes
Fruiting Time 2-3 Years
Pruning Time Late Winter
Fragrant Yes

Sweet & Crispy Lemon-Yellow Shinseiki Pear Tree!
Lemon-Yellow Round Asian Pear
Mild, Sweet & Delicate Flavor
Crispy & Crunchy Texture
Stores Well, Fresh Eating, Baked & Cooking
Early Spring White Flowers & Pink Highlights
Produces 2nd or 3rd Year!
Highly Productive Large Yields
Early Fall Harvest
Handsome Green Foliage
Red-Orange Fall Color!
Vigorous Growth & Smaller-Sized Tree
Disease Resistant & Low Maintenance
Self-Fruitful – Larger Yield with a Second Tree
300-400 Chill Hours
Why wait years to enjoy this deliciously juicy pear?

The Shinseiki Asian Pear (Pyrus ‘Shinseiki’) bears fruit in the second or third year, so you could be harvesting up to 100 pears in just a few short years. Increasing as the tree grows, as time passes, you will be enjoying enormous crops to share with family and friends!

The Shinseiki Asian Pear Tree blooms early, and the beautiful white blossoms with pink anthers will fill the air with a fragrant aroma that will tickle your nose and delight your imagination.

Developed in the 1940s and producing lemon-yellow pears with just a hint of russet. These fruits are medium-large, and like all Asian pears, they are round! They are crisper and crunchier than their European cousins and are sweet with a mild, delicate flavor.

So bite into one of these crisp and juicy pears straight from the tree or bake them into crisp or cobbler. You can even dice them and add them to coleslaw for a delicious dish. But don’t forget that they store for months in the refrigerator, so save a few for a cool, crisp snack.

Looking more like an apple than a pear, the fruit ripens in mid-late summer, and it produces a large crop with regularity. Its fruit lasts well on the tree too, so you can pick ripe fruit multiple times.

And between the spring bloom and the fall harvest, you can enjoy its deep green foliage, then the leaves turn a vibrant reddish-orange in the fall.

This variety will self-pollinate, but you will get larger crops if you pair it with another Asian variety or early blooming European variety.

How to Use Shinseiki Pear Tree In The Landscape
A smaller ornamental tree such as this easily takes the spotlight in your front yard landscaping! The blooms are show-stopping and the handsome foliage creates a picturesque form all summer.

Those golden gems dangling from every branch will certainly have everyone’s eyes on your property in the fall!

Plant one near your seating area, patio, or by a garden bed for shade and lovely accents. Be sure to set it outside a window you frequently walk past, just so you can keep it in full view and watch as the seasons change!

Line your driveway or the side of your property with a hedgerow of fruit-producing privacy and screening! Imagine a fantastic property definition that serves up dessert?”

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  1. georgia

    Planted in the fall, have 6 pears growing this spring
    Review by georgia on 6 Jun 2018review stating Planted in the fall, have 6 pears growing this springPlanted my little stick of a tree last fall. This spring it is looking like a real fruit tree and has 6 pears already! Very happy with this tree.

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  2. Beatriz L

    The two Shinseiki Pear Trees I purchased from you arrived in ¡®outstanding¡¯ condition and are now safely planted in my front yard!
    I have not been disappointed in any of my purchases¡­.gift to myself…from Nature Hills.

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  3. Anna

    Had so many little pears the second season that i had to pluck some so the branches could handle the fruit. Such a beautiful tree! Im zone 4b and decided to take the chance and I’m glad I did. It’s doing very well and has already grown at least 2ft since planted about 2.5 years ago.

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