How to improve soil quality in the greenhouse

Q: Hello, I installed a new greenhouse in the fall of last year. I bought some bags of soil for planting in the store. In the spring, only dust replaced the soil. In the past six months, I covered the soil with a thick layer. There are no bugs, and the soil has remained the same. How can we improve soil quality?

improving soil quality
improving soil quality

A: If possible, temporarily leave the greenhouse in a “vacation” state…

Sowing in spring, after 35-40 days, the whole soil is thrown in the mud. To speed up post-processing, you can use any power tool.

Then we planted a kind of olive radish. After about a week and a half, everything was the same and replanted. Once it bloomed, we stepped directly on the vegetable bed and planted a piece of hay on it. When the weather is snowing, we pour it into the greenhouse, the more the better! ) We keep the greenhouse open and always cover snow.

In spring, even if there is a short period of sunlight, all these factors will be quickly eliminated. Very few residues are raked out of the mud to cover the film in the mud, usually transparent and medium-density.

In these ten days, Let the soil be a little warmer, then the temporarily stripped film, the ground is soft, sow some form of seeds, re-cover the film, and install hot weather. The belt can be removed, the first 10 days of transplanting, everything is tilted, re-cover the film, if it is cold…

Soil is composed of residual soil rock and organic matter, water, and air. But there are “magic powers” hidden in a healthy soil environment, and they are just small lives: small animals, worms, insects, and microorganisms.

Note: When other soil environmental elements are in a balanced state, they will thrive.

Although some gardeners may be lucky enough to have a perfect soil environment, most of our gardens are in an imperfect soil environment. If your soil environment has a lot of clay, too sandy, too rocky, or too acid, don’t despair. As long as you understand the composition of healthy soil, it is not difficult to turn the abandoned soil environment into a soil environment suitable for plant growth.

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