When are grapes trees suitable for planting

This is a farm where grapes tree is grown.
This is a farm where grapes tree is grown.

When is the best planting season for grapes trees? What should I prepare before planting?
This article introduces how to plant and manage grapes trees for your reference.

Grapes tree planting time

Grape trees can generally be planted in spring and autumn, because the climate in our country is warm and humid, and the winter is long. It is recommended that they can be planted in the spring of the second year.

In the north, the climate is cold and dry in winter. For example, planting in autumn requires burying the soil to prevent cold, which will consume a lot of manpower and material resources. Therefore, the Cultivation Helper recommends that in the northern region, it is advisable to dig planting ditches and planting pits in autumn, and plant in spring.

Grapes trees are generally planted when the ground temperature reaches 7-10°C. If the planting area is large, the planting time can be advanced appropriately. Greenhouse nutrient bag seedlings can be planted with soil during the growth period.

Preparation before planting Grapes trees

Because Grape trees have to grow in the same place for several years after planting, the development of the root system directly affects the growth and fruit of the above ground.

The cultivation of a strong root system is directly related to the physical properties and fertility of the root-soil.
For example, in loose, fertile, or improved soil, the root system of Grapes trees extends far.
However, in heavy and poor soil, the root growth area is very limited.

Therefore, in order to cultivate the well-developed root system of Grape trees and expand the absorption area, when digging Grape trees planting trenches, and planting pits, it must be widened and deepened as much as possible.

Grape trees with smaller rows of Grape trees can be narrower and shallower. It is recommended that the width of the cultivator is 60 cm and the depth is 60~80 cm.

The trellis Grape trees with larger row spacing should be as wide and deep as possible, generally 1 to 1.5 meters wide and deep.
The time for digging the planting trench and planting pit of the Grape trees should be carried out in the fall of the year before planting, so as to reduce the work of spring planting, and the dug deep soil can be weathered.

Preparation before planting grape seedlings

Before planting, dig out the grape seedlings and soak them in clean water for 1 to 2 days to make the seedlings fully absorb water.

Proper pruning should be done before planting. The above-ground part is usually cut with three buds, and the underground part generally retains the basic roots, and the roots produced in the middle and upper parts of the cuttings are removed. This is conducive to the development of the lower root group and increases the cold and drought resistance.

In order to facilitate the planting, the roots of the grape seedlings can generally be cut by 15-20 cm.

The wounded root is cut at the wound to promote the occurrence of lateral roots.

Grape seedlings should be planted immediately after they are ready. If they cannot be planted quickly, they can be covered with wet sacks or straw curtains to prevent dehydration and drying.

Base fertilizer for Grape trees planting

Grape trees should be planted with plantar fertilizer, and fully decomposed manure or other organic fertilizers should be prepared before planting. Generally, the dosage per acre is 500-900 kg, and 150-200 kg of superphosphate should be mixed.

Grape planting method

Before planting the grape seedlings, spread 15-20 cm of crop stalks at the bottom of the ditch, then fill the lower layer of the ditch with the topsoil mixed with organic fertilizer, and then fill the upper layer of the ditch with the deep soil mixed with fertilizer, and irrigate it until it is planted.

When grape seedlings are planted, make a steamed bun-shaped mound at the planting point of the seedlings, spread the roots of the seedlings on the mound, and when the filling exceeds the roots, gently lift the seedlings and shake them so that no gaps are left around the roots, and then fill with soil Level with the ground, pour water firmly.

After the water infiltrates, cultivate a small mound of 15-20 cm high around the grape seedlings to keep them warm and dry, and to germinate early.
The planting depth of grape seedlings is generally suitable for the root neck to be flush with the ground, and the grafted seedling interface needs to be 3~5 cm above the ground to prevent the scion varieties from rooting.

Cultivation Help: Use plastic mulch when planting grape seedlings, which can increase the early ground temperature, maintain soil moisture, reduce management costs, and make the seedlings germinate and grow faster, which is conducive to early results and can increase the survival rate of the seedlings.
Grape seedlings can also be directly planted using cuttings, and if the management is in place, they can bear fruit in the second year and produce high yields in three years.

The cutting method and the planting method are the same as those described above. You can first irrigate, mulch, and then cut, insert two cuttings in each hole, the top buds are slightly higher than the mulch, and cover the soil with 3~5 cm.

Management of grape seedlings after planting

Grape seedlings generally do not need to be managed before they sprout, so that the seedlings can emerge by themselves.
During this period of heavy rain, especially the sticky soil is easy to form compaction, which affects the emergence of grape buds, so the soil should be loosened in time. When the grape seedlings grow to 5 cm, the mound can be removed gradually.

In order for the grape seedlings to obtain a strong backbone and rapid morphology, according to the requirements of plastic surgery, each plant retains only the new shoots needed for cultivation as the main vine.
When the new shoot grows to 40 cm, a stand should be easily erected to make the seedling grow upright. When the new shoot grows to a fixed stem height, topping and auxiliary shoot management should be carried out according to the plastic requirements. If conditions permit, lateral vines can be cultivated in the same year.

During the whole growing season of the grape seedlings, water should be irrigated in time according to the weather conditions. As a result, the appropriate amount of quick-acting fertilizer should be topdressed to add nutrients in time.
If grafting grape seedlings are used, it is necessary to remove the sprouting tillers on the rootstock at any time and to spray pesticides in time according to the occurrence of diseases and insect pests. Do a good job of replenishing seedlings in time.

The above is the introduction of Cultivation Help for grape planting time and planting methods. If you have a better supplement, please leave a message below.

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