How long does it take to grow cucumbers

How long does it take to grow cucumbers
How long does it take to grow cucumbers

Under normal circumstances, the growth cycle of cucumber is about 90-120 days. Its growth and development generally experience four stages: germination, seedling, initial flowering, and fruiting.

So how long does it take to grow cucumbers? Below is the answer for you.

Germination period

The germination period of cucumber refers to the period after the cucumber seeds are sown until the first leaf emerges from the soil and is called the germination period.

The cucumber germination period is relatively fragile, so we must do a good job in the management of the seedlings to prevent the seedlings from being injured and affecting their growth. The temperature of the cucumber should be controlled at about 26-28 degrees during the germination period. This temperature range can advance the germination time of seeds and increase the germination rate.

And during the germination period, the nutrients that the seeds germinate are basically all supplied by the nutrients stored in the seeds themselves.

Seedling stage

The seedling stage refers to the period of time when the cucumber seedlings are from the broken heart to the masses. When the plant grows about 5 true leaves, it is the cucumber seedling stage.

The duration of the cucumber seedling period is about 4 weeks. The growth rate of seedlings in the seedling stage is relatively slow, but the main stem can grow autonomously.

Moreover, it gradually enters into the differentiation of flower buds, and the growth direction is mainly the common growth of nutrition and reproduction.

At this time, reasonable management is necessary, mainly to promote the growth of roots, increase the number and area of ​​leaves, enhance photosynthetic capacity, ensure the differentiation of flower buds, and appropriately inhibit the growth of the main stem.

Flowering period

The flowering period is divided into the first flowering period and the full flowering period. The first flowering period refers to the period from the time the slow seedlings are planted to the flowering and fruiting. Generally, around 3-4 weeks, the vine growth during this period is obviously strengthened.

And the first female flower was bloomed, and the melon began to pollinate. At this time, the management work should pay attention to promoting the growth of the roots and improving the nutrient absorption capacity of the roots.

Avoid the decline of plant growth and reduce the rate of flowering and pollinating. Let the growth direction of cucumber change to co-growth. Only in this way can it effectively ensure the growth of cucumber and increase the rate of cucumber.

Fruiting period

From the time when the cucumber successfully set up the first melon, it entered the cucumber fruiting period. The duration of the fruiting period has a very direct relationship with management and pests.

Under normal circumstances, the fruiting period of cucumbers can last for about two months, and the longer the time, the higher the yield.

And because the fruiting period is long, it is divided into the early fruiting period, middle fruiting period, full fruiting period, and late fruiting period. The management of the fruiting period is very important.

During this time, we should focus on control and promotion to ensure that the cucumbers can continue to grow while they are fruiting.

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