The 4 tips for how to grow potted corn

The 4 tips for how to grow potted corn
The 4 tips for how to grow potted corn

Corn is a favorite food for many people. It can be grown not only in the ground but also in pots.

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The process of planting corn in pots is very simple. Just pick a full and round seed from the dried corn kernels, soak it in the carbendazim solution, and then plant it in suitable soil.

After planting, water soaks the soil and keep it in a warm environment, and the planting will be successful soon.

The 4 steps of potting corn

Pick seeds

If you want to plant corn in the pot, you must choose the seeds in a row.

The seeds of corn are naturally corn kernels. Try to choose fresh, round, and plump corn kernels and dry them.

The quality of corn planted with full corn kernels will be good. Not only will the rooting rate be high, but also the germination and rooting speed will be fast.

Treatment of seeds

In fact, the corn kernels should be treated in the process of potting corn, and it is best to directly soak them with pesticides;

If no pesticide is prepared, it is also possible to use carbendazim solution or potassium permanganate solution, so that the corn plants grown from the soaked corn seeds will be more likely to survive and not be susceptible to pests.

Planting soil

First prepare a container for planting corn, preferably a large flower pot with a little ventilation.

The soil required for planting corn is not very demanding, and the substrate is air-permeable and hydrophobic, and some fertilizer is enough.

Use ordinary garden soil and add some sandy soil and leaf mulch, mix in a ratio of 4:3:3, and then add some base fertilizer to it.

Seeding method

Dig a small pit to bury the processed corn seeds, and the seeding depth is between 2 to 3 cm.

As long as the pot container is large enough, it is okay to sow a little tight between the seed and the seed.

But in order to facilitate the later maintenance, it is better to separate it slightly. Then water the water and wait for it to sprout slowly.

Precautions for potted corn

Pot planting time

The process of potting corn, 4 simple steps to plant corn in a flower pot

The best time for planting potted corn is in the spring of each year. It can be planted from mid-February in early spring to early May in early summer. Generally look at the soil temperature of 10 cm, the best when the temperature is around 10 ℃. Unlike other flowers like in sunny weather, just after the rain and when it is about to rain are the best time to grow corn.

Conserve the environment

The process of potting corn, 4 simple steps to plant corn in a flower pot

If you grow corn in a pot at home, you must have enough sunlight, but at the beginning of planting, you must shade and maintain, and even the amount of watering must be controlled, as long as the soil is moderately moistened, and the temperature is kept at 20~30℃. In the meantime, corn seeds can grow vigorously. In addition, attention must be paid to environmental ventilation.

Apply fertilizer in time

The process of potting corn, 4 simple steps to plant corn in a flower pot

After the corn plants have grown, be more diligent in watering and fertilizing. During the growing season, be sure to water once a day to keep the soil moisture. When the corn seedlings have gradually become strong, it is time to start fertilizing. When fertilizing, dig a 2 cm deep hole on the edge of the potting soil, and then just bury the fertilizer in it, and the fertilizer will penetrate in the later watering.

Lots of light

The process of potting corn, 4 simple steps to plant corn in a flower pot

After the corn has emerged and the seedlings have grown, it is necessary to ensure sufficient light. The growth state of corn is closely related to the intensity of sunlight. The more sunlight, the stronger the sunlight, and the more vigorous the corn plants will grow. Be sure to place the potted corn in a sunny place, and ensure plenty of sunlight throughout the year.

The latest sowing time of autumn corn

Autumn corn will be sown at the end of July at the latest. After this time, the quality and taste of the corn will be greatly reduced. After the successful sowing, the autumn corn will mature in October.

When planting autumn corn, you can choose an early-maturing variety, and it can be planted in a rice trench. The rice trench has sufficient nutrients and water, which is beneficial to the growth of autumn corn.

Autumn corn refers to the corn harvested in autumn. Some people will ask when is the latest planting time of autumn corn? The latest planting of autumn corn is at the end of July. The output of later corn will be greatly reduced and the taste will be reduced.

After the autumn corn is planted, it can be harvested in October and grows very fast.

It is best to choose early-maturing varieties for planting autumn corn so that it can be harvested in advance. Because of various problems, autumn corn likes to grow in fertile, water-rich soil, and it can be planted in rice trench land.

The more fertile the soil, the more abundant the water, the sweeter the corn, and the fuller the grains.

Manure and water fertilizer can be applied to autumn corn in the early planting period, pure nitrogen fertilizer can be applied to it in the middle period, and manure water and pure nitrogen fertilizer can be mixed in the later period. When the rain is too heavy, the autumn corn should be drained.

When the temperature is high and the air humidity is high, attention should be paid to prevent pests in autumn corn. Common pests in autumn corn include Tetrigoidea and locusts.

To treat Tetrigoidea and locusts, you can spray the enemy killer or chrysanthemum cream. You can dilute with water before spraying the medicine. It is best to wear gloves and a mask when spraying to prevent the medicine from getting into your mouth and harm your body.

Also, pay attention to the row spacing when planting corn, you can plant one every 90 cm, the row spacing should not be too close.

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