How to pick a ripe cantaloupe? Tips for beginners

How to pick a ripe cantaloupe Tips for beginners
How to pick a ripe cantaloupe Tips for beginners

Cantaloupe is a very popular melon fruit that many people enjoy eating. After all, it is crisp and refreshing, and the melon is very easy to clean up without having to constantly spit out the seeds as you eat.

But It’s hard to get the right harvest time for picking the fruit with just the right amount of sweetness, so how to pick a ripe cantaloupe? This article answers the question for you.

Every year in July and August, it is the best time for tropical fruits to be marketed in large quantities, this time the tropical fruits, not only fresh meat beauty, but the price is also cheap, plus it is just during the holidays, supermarkets are pulling full of tropical fruits for stall sales, the more common are mangoes, grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon, peaches, etc., and in these fruits, when it comes to the taste of fresh sweet juicy cantaloupe is undoubted.

Watermelon contains sufficient water, but the sweetness can not be compared with cantaloupe, not only the aroma is rich, but the juice is also particularly rich, easy to sweet snore nose.

But no matter what the price of the cantaloupe, you must pick a high degree of maturity to be delicious, sometimes we will buy not fully ripe cantaloupe, the flesh is dry and juicy, the taste is not crisp and not sweet is not good.

How to pick a ripe and sweet cantaloupe? Fruit vendors: look at 6 Highlights, in line with the good mature melon, the combination of these 6 Highlights, similar to the steps to pick watermelon, to learn exactly which 6 Highlights.


Selection of cantaloupe, the first step is of course to see the appearance of cantaloupe, the melon rind appearance covered with uneven lines, when touching the outer skin feel rough and tied, indicating that this melon is relatively sweet, juicy.

On the contrary, if the surface is smooth, it means that the melon does not contain much water, and may not be an authentic cantaloupe.

The shape of the cantaloupe should be evenly oval, if the shape is strange or large in the middle and pointed melon, it is not recommended to buy, the taste is relatively poor.


The best way to buy cantaloupe is to choose the kind that is still light green at the bottom of the stem, this kind of cantaloupe, the time to sell in the market and the time it was picked is not a big difference, this will be relatively fresh.

How to pick a ripe cantaloupe
How to pick a ripe cantaloupe


Look at the top of the cantaloupe, if the top of the concave circle is denser, it means that the cantaloupe has been exposed to sufficient sunlight during the growth process, better development, this type of cantaloupe is sweeter.


The skin of the cantaloupe comes in different colors. For example, red heart crisp is yellow and snowy red is white.

Generally speaking, the color of melon skin is divided into green, yellow, and gray-green. When the green and gray-green cantaloupe is ripe, the color of the melon head will actually change to white; while the yellow one is brighter after ripening, the color of the melon head becomes bright yellow.


The heavier the cantaloupe is, the sweeter and juicier the flesh it contains. It is recommended to choose 2 to 3 cantaloupes of similar size at the same time to weigh the heavier the weight is, the sweeter and juiciest the cantaloupe is.

On the contrary, if there is a similar feeling of top-heavy, it means that the melon does not contain enough water, and may have been placed for a long time, boiling to water loss, the taste is naturally poor.


A mature cantaloupe, the taste is very fresh and sweet, even if the melon is not yet open, through the thick skin can smell the rich fragrance, on the contrary, if you put your nose to the outer skin, sucking vigorously is difficult to smell the sweetness, indicating that the cantaloupe is not high maturity, taste and water content are poor.

The cantaloupe with these characteristics, regardless of size, is a good ripe melon.

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