How many days does it take for cantaloupe growing time

How many days does it take for cantaloupe growing time
How many days does it take for cantaloupe growing time

Cantaloupe is a very tasty fruit, some people like to cut it into pieces, some people like to squeeze it into juice to drink, there are many different ways to eat it.

But we don’t know about the fruit itself, the environment it grows in, the cycle it grows in, how it blooms and bears fruit, etc. We only know that the fruit is the fruit of the world. We only know how sweet and delicious the fruit is, today I will take you to understand the cantaloupe growing time.

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Generally speaking, the growing period of cantaloupe is about 90-120 days, that is, about 3-4 months, which is related to the variety of cantaloupe, which is divided into three varieties: early, medium and late.


In the growth process of cantaloupe, it needs sufficient water supply to grow strong and healthy, and in the fruiting time also needs sufficient water for the fruit to expand, so when watering it should be watered thoroughly and moderately, and when fertilizing it should be thin but diligent, and applied in small amounts several times.


In addition to an adequate supply of water and fertilizer, cantaloupe also needs to have very adequate light, in order to be able to draw water and nutrients from the soil into the necessary nutrients for growth and development, in order to accumulate nutrients and obtain expanded fruit, it is best to let it receive full sunlight during the fruiting period.


Honeydew melon is suitable for growing in sandy soil, which is loose, airy, and fertile. In addition, it needs to be planted in an environment with a temperature difference between day and night of more than 10°C (50°F), so that the plant can accumulate a lot of sugar to achieve high sweetness, otherwise, the quality of the final harvest of cantaloupe will be significantly reduced.


The growth process of cantaloupe generally includes a seedling stage, growth stage, flowering stage, fruiting stage, and ripening stage, the growth process of cantaloupe is relatively long.

Each growth period is very important, in the seedling stage and the growth period, we need to ensure sufficient water and nutrient supply to ensure the normal growth of cantaloupe in the later flowering and fruiting stages, and in the flowering stage, we need to thin the flowers and fertilize to ensure the fruiting rate;

During the fruiting period, the water content in the soil should be increased to promote the fruit expansion, and then the water content in the soil should be reduced when the fruit is about to mature so that the fruit can accumulate sufficient nutrients to ensure the taste of cantaloupe.


Cantaloupe melon likes sufficient sunlight and the large temperature difference between day and night, so that it can give full play to photosynthesis during the day and consume less respiration at night, which is conducive to nutrient precipitation, hence high sugar content and sweet taste.

The special natural geographical conditions are the necessary factors for the growth, development, and sugar accumulation of cantaloupe.

In the special natural environment, the region has unique natural conditions such as high temperature in summer, dry air, scarce rain, long sunshine hours, and the large temperature difference between day and night, which are very suitable for the special requirements of cantaloupe for ecological environment.

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