How to harvesting broccoli? Advice from the experts

How to harvesting broccoli Advice from the experts
How to harvesting broccoli Advice from the experts

Some tips and advice on how to harvesting broccoli rtom experts.

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The time to harvest broccoli is when the flower bulbs are fully grown, the buds are neatly granulated and do not fall apart, and the quality and yield are highest when they do not bloom.

The general appearance of early varieties of all buds of the same color, buds feel slightly coarse, the edge of the small bud group slightly loose for the harvesting of the appropriate period.

The most suitable period for harvesting is when the flower bulbs of medium and late varieties are touched by hand and feel uneven and the buds grow very compact.

The broccoli harvesting period is relatively strict, harvesting too late, the pedicel will elongate, causing the flower ball disintegration, affecting the quality.

Especially in high-temperature environment, if not harvested in time, the flower buds will also turn yellow and lose their original value.


When the broccoli bulb is 12-15cm long and the buds are not yet loose, the entire bulb is intact and bright green, it is the right time to harvest.

If you irrigate 1-2 days before harvesting, you can improve the quality and yield of the product.

Harvesting too early morning and evening are good, harvesting the flower bulb around the retention of 3-4 small leaves, the lower part of the flower bulb with the flower stem 10cm cut together, can protect the flower bulb.

In most varieties, after the top ball is harvested, the axillary buds of the plant sprout and quickly grow side branches and form side flower bulbs at the top of the side branches, and when the side flower bulbs grow to a certain size and the flower buds are not yet open, they can be harvested again so that they can be harvested 2-3 times one after another.

Broccoli tissue is fragile, harvesting and handling should be light, flower bulbs must be harvested in time for sale or immediately refrigerated fresh treatment.


The use of various pharmaceuticals is prohibited two weeks before harvesting. Take the manual harvesting method, the best early morning and evening harvesting.

Harvesting standards are: export standards are determined by different requirements, generally the flower bulb 11.5-14CM, the ring with stalk length of not less than 16CM, weight in 100g-200g.

The color is a rich green, the flower bulb is firm, the flower shape is round and square, the buds are more even and delicate, no full of stars (yellow grains), scorched buds, rotten, no insect mouth, no live insects, no breakage, no hollow stalk, and other deformities.

Harvesting standards are flower ball diameter 12-18CM, flower ball with stalk length not less than 14CM, weight in 400-600 grams.

The color is a rich green, the flower ball is firm, the flower shape is round and square, the flower buds are not yellow, scorched buds, no insect mouth, no live insects, no serious damage phenomenon.

To ensure that there is no mechanical damage during transportation, each basket contains 14-16 flower bulbs, picking leaves covered with good protection from the sun and bruises.


Harvest broccoli early in the morning until the head buds are firm and tight, just before the head blooms to heat them up.

If you see yellow petals, harvest immediately, as the quality will drop quickly.

Cut the stem from the plant, which should be at least 6 inches long. Make an angled cut in the stem to allow water to slip away.

Most varieties have side branches that will continue to develop after the main head is harvested. If the summer is not too hot, you can harvest from one plant for several weeks, sometimes even from spring to fall.


Store broccoli in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. If you wash it before storing it, make sure it is thoroughly dried. Broccoli can be bleached and frozen for up to a year.

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