How to grow eggplant in pots? Tips for beginners

How to grow eggplant in pots Tips for beginners
How to grow eggplant in pots Tips for beginners

Growing flowers at home can beautify our home environment and make the monotonous balcony colorful.

It would be even better if you plant some vegetables on the balcony or backyard;

Growing eggplant at home can bring us the pleasure of enjoying rural life.

So how to grow eggplant in pots? You only need to prepare a flower pot, some mulch, some seeds or seedlings, you can plant a pot of eggplant, you can watch it, and you can cook it.

Eggplant is a vegetable that we often eat on the table; it is one of the few purple vegetables, rich in nutrients, and it is also very simple to grow eggplant at home;

Moreover, it can continue to bloom and grow even if it is picked.

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Preparation before planting

Before sowing, we need to soak the seeds in warm water for about 15 minutes, the water temperature should not be too high or too low, about 50 degrees Celsius is enough.

Then take out the eggplant seeds from the warm water and soak them in water for about a day or so, after the seeds have absorbed sufficient water.

They will swell up, and then we drain the seeds before sowing them.

Before sowing, we need to prepare the soil, it is best to buy nutrient soil directly from the market, if we prepare the soil ourselves, we must pay attention to apply fertilizer to it, otherwise, if there is no fertilizer in the soil, the eggplant seeds will probably not sprout.

Before sowing, we need to water the soil, the water must be thoroughly watered, and when the water is a little dry, we put the seeds in, and then bury the seeds with soil, when covering the soil must be careful not to cover too thick, a thin layer will do.

After the seeds are sown, we should pay attention to keep them warm and not put them in an environment where the temperature is too low, normally, they need to reach a temperature of about 80°F before they will sprout normally.

So we must choose the right season to plant eggplant, do not plant eggplant is too cold season or the eggplant seedlings will not grow.

Planting time of eggplant in pots

There are two times of the year when eggplant can be sown. The first time of sowing is around January in spring, and the second time of sowing is in June and July.

First of all, there are many kinds of eggplant for home planting, we’d better choose some kinds of eggplant with good disease resistance, heat and rain resistance, large fruits and high yield.

Whether it is white egg-shaped eggplant, purple round eggplant, or long eggplant, it is the same way to grow.

How to choose potting soil

The best way to choose a pot for growing eggplant is to choose a pot with a larger diameter and a depth of 30 cm, which is more conducive to the growth of eggplant roots and fertile soil, and a larger pot with depth and deep soil, so as to produce more eggplants.

Want a big harvest of eggplant with high yield, there is a planting tip, that is, when we prepare the potting soil, the potted eggplant planted in pots, the bottom fertilizer should be sufficient, because the later growth rate will be faster and more luxuriant flowering.

We can use well-rotted chicken manure, pig manure, or cake manure residue to spread a layer of soil in the bottom of the pot, or put a layer of well-rotted farmyard manure.

This way the soil is fertile and loose, with sufficient fertilizer and the eggplant will grow very vigorously. The eggplant grown with substrate fertilizer will produce more eggplant and bigger eggplant than those grown without it.

Temperature and light

Eggplant likes warm and hot environments, so when sowing seeds, the temperature should be higher than 20 degrees for smooth germination.

If the temperature is too low, it is easy to grow slowly and drop flowers. Sunlight, eggplant likes to grow in full sunlight.

So potted eggplant we put on the terrace, south terrace is the best, keep long sunshine, high-intensity light.

This way, more flowers will bloom, good flower buds, beautiful color of the fruit solved, large size and higher yield.

Watering and fertilizing

Before flowering and before fruiting, water the potted eggplant less, after bearing eggplant, it needs more watering because it grows rapidly and needs a lot of water.

But don’t have water in the pot to avoid root rot. Keep good ventilation so that there will be no pests and diseases.

After flowering, give it more fertilizer, organic fertilizer or fertilizer with nitrogen, more nitrogen fertilizer, so that the flowering will be prosperous and the eggplant will grow more.


If you want your eggplants to grow well, you must give them plenty of fertilizer.

In addition to the fertilizer we put in the soil at the beginning of the planting, we should also give them a thin fertilizer every day.


Q: Will the daily fertilization ruin the roots of the eggplants.
A: No, they are a plant that likes fertilizer, and by giving them a thin fertilizer every day, they will grow stronger.
But we should also pay attention if the eggplant grows very well, we have to thin the flowers and fruits. Usually, one to two fruits on top of each branch node will be enough.

In such a backyard or terrace to plant a few pots of eggplant, you can harvest a very good, can produce months of fruit, want to eat when you pick, more fresh and delicious, very convenient.

Plant a pot of eggplant on the balcony, the method is simple, branches and branches hanging full of fruit, eaten, more practical than the green!

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