How to care for indoor succulents? Tips for life

How to care for indoor succulents Tips for life
How to care for indoor succulents Tips for life

I believe many of you likes to planting succulents very much. For indoor succulent should grow the one which are better adapted to the environment.

Such as the common striped twelve rolls, aloe vera, silver fingers and cactus, these are very good succulent plants, kept indoors can also keep growing.

So how to maintain indoor succulent plants? In fact, the most critical is to water and the sunlight. If want to reduce pests and diseases, should be more ventilation, maintain a warm and dry environment all year round, not so critical is the fertilization.

Succulents are kept on a window sill with light to keep proper diffused light every day, but still grow well and do not need much light.

Although succulent plants can survive without frequent care, many people can not take good care of them, some friends keep and can not raise succulent plants, the following tips to give you some to pay attention to.

Use loose soil for succulents

Some friends even use sand or granular stones to plant succulents, newbies are recommended to use sandy soil to avoid waterlogging the soil, and it is also crucial to keep good ventilation and air permeability.

Some of your potted succulent will put some small colored stones or small white stones on top, these stones are not too good permeability, it is recommended to use some light stones, deer marsh soil, diatomaceous earth or terracotta as paving stones, avoid using stones with bad permeability and drainage.

Keep it under reasonable sunlight intensity and temperature.

Succulents all need light to grow. Except for summer when the temperature is too high and proper shade is needed, give as much sunlight as possible in all other seasons.

Succulents do not grow well in the shade, the branches and leaves tend to grow and become very delicate, they will be in good condition in the sun, but just cultivated succulents can not see too much light, to slowly and properly more light environment.

Do not give too much water

The most common mistake newbies make is overwatering. Just planted succulents need to be watered every 5~7 days; while excessive heat in summer and cold in winter should control watering, these are the most important things to pay attention to, every time before watering to see if the soil is dry.

These are the most important things to keep in mind when it is too hot in summer and cold in winter, and you should see if the soil is dry before each watering.

Succulents will not hang up quickly due to lack of water, they will have a long time to moderate. If overwatered, succulents will hang up in a few days, controlled watering will also avoid root rot or black spot disease.

Also, be careful not to spray water and not to pour water directly on the leaves or leaf centers.

Avoid frequent fertilization

Succulents require very little water and fertilizer, so frequent fertilization is especially taboo, and too much fertilizer can easily cause fertilizer injury.

Fertilizer should be stopped in the summer when the temperature is high and in the late autumn when it becomes cold. Generally, fertilizer should only be added occasionally in the spring and autumn when the weather is cool and warm, and the concentration given should not be too large.

Keep air circulation

Succulents must not be kept inside confined spaces, especially some containers with lids.

I’ve seen succulent landscapes decorated with airtight glass jars at florists. Succulents don’t live long in them, and they can easily black rot or rot their roots, and will keep losing their leaves.

The care environment for succulents must be kept cool and well ventilated, avoid keeping in a stuffy environment, poor ventilation can easily induce fungal infections.

Give succulents the right amount of space

Most succulent plants are very small, and some friends like to keep them in a small space all the time.

It is right to use small pots for small succulent plants, but as the succulent plants grow, you need to change the pots regularly, you can change the succulent plants to larger containers every two or three years in the spring and autumn, it is best to choose red ceramic pots.

Red ceramic pots are loose and breathable, and drainage is very good, and the price is also cheap.

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