How to grow chinese cabbage in water? Planting for tips

How to grow chinese cabbage in water Planting for tips
How to grow chinese cabbage in water Planting for tips

Hydroponic chinese cabbage head full care guide hydroponic cabbage head, is the most inexpensive flowers, because vegetable flowers also have a beautiful side, in the usual time to eat cabbage, leave the heart of the vegetable hydroponic can be.


Several growth stages of hydroponic cabbage Based on experience, the growth process of hydroponic cabbage is usually divided into three stages.

Stage 1: pre-flowering growth period (flowering stage): from the beginning of hydroponics to the flower buds are fully grown and begin to appear flowering.

Stage 2: Flowering stage, which lasts from the beginning of flowering to the complete end of the blooming stage.

Phase 3: the fruiting period or after the blooming period of sporadic flowering: generally at this time the head of cabbage nutrition will be consumed almost, at this time will bear part of the fruit, retain the strong fruit can get a small number of cabbage seeds;

Even if there is no fruit, proper pruning of the inflorescences that have failed, there will be some small inflorescences that will continue to flower in small amounts until the cabbage is completely depleted of nutrients.

In this case, there is also a chance that a small number of late-blooming cabbage flowers will grow at the same time as the fruit that has been produced.

Usually, the most exciting part of hydroponic cabbage is the second stage: the flowering period, which lasts longer, especially during the blooming period, when the blooming cabbage is golden and especially beautiful.

If there are multiple hydroponic cabbages blooming at the same time, it will be even more spectacular. Only by pollinating the head of cabbage during the flowering period will it have a chance to produce seeds.


First of all, it should be clear whether the plant is a self-pollinated plant, that is, the plant’s pollen is hermaphroditic pollen, and its pollination is the pollen of both sexes, falling on the pistil stigma of the same flower.

For self-pollinating plants, the following methods of artificial pollination are generally used.

How to grow chinese cabbage in water - ThumbGarden
How to grow chinese cabbage in water – ThumbGarden


  1. remove all the stamens of the immature flower, i.e., depilating.
  2. Put a paper bag over the pistil-only flower, seal it, and when the flower matures, collect pollen from the plant you need and scatter it on the stigma of the female flower with the stamens removed.

This is the simplest and most basic step, if these two steps are not strictly enforced, artificial pollination is sure to fail, as long as the male is prevented from self-pollination, the bag is to prevent accidental cross-pollination, such as insects and wind, and other media pollination.

Several features of hydroponic cabbage and hydroponic other flowers (such as hyacinths, tulips), compared to its several features.

1, non-toxic: cabbage is a very common vegetable, the price is relatively cheap. It is also easy to take the material and can be grown hydroponically with cabbage hearts at the right time.

2, because it is a vegetable, the bloom will be equally beautiful, a golden yellow, look very beautiful (the more hydroponic effect will be more obvious.) The extent to which it is no less than other flowers. Vegetable flowers also have a beautiful side.

3, flowering fast, long flowering period: in general, as long as the light, temperature, and other appropriate conditions, generally began to hydroponics 5 ~ 8 days after the flower, the next few days will soon enter the blooming period, a total of 2 ~ 3 weeks can continue to flower or so.

If the nutrients are still sufficient afterward, moderate pruning can still continue to bloom and play a role in extending the flowering period. In the past, the longest hydroponic cabbage can continue to bloom for more than a month, but the first period is the blooming period, and then moderate pruning, can still be sporadic blooming for a long time (there is the possibility of a second bloom).


In addition to being a vegetable (vegetable food) for people to eat, cabbage also has medicinal value.

In Chinese medicine, Chinese cabbage is sweet and flat, has the effect of clearing heat, thirst, diuretic, and intestinal benefit, often eat cabbage can prevent vitamin C deficiency (scurvy).

There are also folk remedies for colds with cabbage, the method is to use the dried root of cabbage with brown sugar, ginger, water decoction, or three cabbage root, onion root seven, a decoction of water with brown sugar, drink while hot, covered with sweat, the cold is cured.

The cabbage washed and chopped decoction soup, every night before going to bed to wash frostbite affected areas, and even wash several days to wind effect.

The cabbage seeds can relieve alcohol, for those who are drunk, can be used cabbage seeds research powder transfer well water (i.e. from the well just hit up the well water), served effectively.

For people with a deficient stomach cold, it is not advisable to eat more cabbage to avoid nausea and vomiting. If you eat more, you can use ginger to solve it.

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