How much sunlight do strawberries need? Tips for beginners

How much sunlight do strawberries need Tips for beginners
How much sunlight do strawberries need Tips for beginners

How much sunlight does strawberries need? Strawberries need plenty of light during growth. Half a day of sunlight in the morning or after 3 pm is a moderate amount of light.

This is the right amount of light to avoid the most intense light and thus the heat.

Strawberries need to be planted in a sunny, warm environment. As they are planted in pots, water evaporates quickly. If the plant wilts at noon, do not water it, but simply move the pot to the shade.

Strawberry is a genus in the family of Rosaceae and is native to Chile. The leaves are evergreen, the flowers are white and elegant, the fragrance is pleasant, and the fruits are bright red and beautiful, which can be appreciated and eaten, and it is suitable for both in-ground and potted plants, which is also a good product for family flowering.

Strawberry habits: like the sun, cold, fear of drought, avoid water, like to grow in a moist environment and loose, fertile, well-drained sandy soil. Avoid alkaline or heavy clay soil.

The young plants are cut and divided in summer and autumn and will grow new leaves in the early spring of the following year, with small white flowers in the latter part of the year, and the fruits will be ready for eating from early May. The whole cycle from flowering to ripe fruit is 30-40 days.

Strawberry can grow well if it is grown under suitable light. The plant is short, the fruit is large and sweet and sour.

Moderate light intensity does not make it go into dormancy. In this way, it can continue to grow with many flowers and fruits. Sunlight is mild in the morning half-day or after 3 pm. Avoid strong light and also high temperatures.

If strawberries do not see light during the day, or only 1-2 hours of light, it will lead to a short duration of light, which is not good for the growth of strawberries. This will cause the strawberry to grow in vain and the distance between the two nodes will become larger.

And it is not good for flowering and fruiting, and only leaves will grow, but not flowering and fruiting. When there is not enough light, strawberry grows very slowly and rots easily.

Light is important for strawberries, but not if the light time is too long and the light intensity is too high. Strawberries should be properly shaded in summer, but not completely shaded.

You can let the strawberry sun in the morning or after 3 pm to make sure it gets at least 6 hours of sun per day.

The above situation is basically in July and August when the light intensity is high and it is very hot, with temperatures basically above 30°C (86°F).

Now, in May and June, the strawberry can be maintained in full sun. And now belongs to its flowering and fruiting time, if there is enough light, it can produce fruit faster and the fruit will grow bigger.

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