How To Build And Tips For Your Garden After Buying Land

How To Build And Tips For Your Garden After Buying Land
How To Build And Tips For Your Garden After Buying Land

You are the lucky owner of a piece of land. Congratulations! But don’t rush to plant your favorite fruit crops, berries or build fences. The plot should unfold as popularly known. Take your time to catch up.

After buying land, you will need to do a lot of work on the paperwork for the property before you can get hold of the plot. After all, the sales contract is only the initial stage of ownership.


It all starts with the registration of the property. The land purchased must be “secured,” meaning that it must be documented. This is to ensure that a small number of inches in one direction does not become a big problem for you or your heirs in the future. So don’t rush into a plot of land to dig, plant, or build.

  1. First, with the documentary proof of the purchase of the plot, you must apply for registration with the local cadastral office. Obtain the cadastral number of the purchased property.
  2. Don’t skimp! You have the right to investigate the size of your plot, even if it was purchased from a previous owner, has good neighbors, and does not claim an illegal occupation of a 4-8inch (10-20 cm) area. It is necessary to conduct a land survey. This procedure will legally determine the boundaries and area of the parcel on the ground.
  3. When you obtain these two documents, you must demarcate the land yourself. That is, you must mark the boundaries on the ground. To do this, you must properly fence the area. On the inside of the plot, stake out the posts (do not go over the boundary line) and temporarily pull in wire or barbed wire.
  4. Examine the plot inside the fence and calculate the material possibilities for its development and arrangement. Consult with the family on how to proceed: while building houses and other family buildings, problems related to vege