About an old formula for tomato fertilizer

This is a tomato fertilizer
This is a tomato fertilizer

I found this formula in an old agricultural magazine, and I still keep this formula. I like to check them regularly to find interesting things for gardens and vegetable gardens.

And this is a wonderful fertilizer. The method is as follows: Take 3 liters of water (preferably let the water stand for a period of time to settle well), then add 100 grams of yeast, dilute it in warm water, and add half a cup of sugar.

Next, cover the container with gauze and place it in a warm place, shaking the contents of the container frequently.

After the fermentation process is over, our solution (or in other words, liquid) will be ready.

When watering, you must dilute 1 cup of the solution with 10 liters of water. Once again, we get the solution and water the plants (1 liter under the bush).

For this kind of feeding, I usually spend 2-3 times a season.

The tomato bush grows strong and the fruit itself will not be burned. They are easier to deal with high temperatures and any severe weather.

Therefore, they bear fruit for a long time, almost throughout October. The harmful late blight has not appeared for a long time.

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