The 4 most unique garden design idea

The 4 most unique garden design idea
The 4 most unique garden design idea

Garden design ideas should incorporate fashionable design concepts. At present, the most unique garden designs in the world incorporate different ideas and design inspirations. This article will introduce you the 4 most unique garden design strategies

The 4 gardens in the world from garden design ideas

Scotland: Cosmos Thinking Garden.

The Scottish Universe Thinking Garden is located in Dumfries (Dumfries) in the south of Scotland. It is a private garden built by the famous architectural critic Charles Jencks in 1990.

The construction of the garden is inspired by science and mathematics. The builders make full use of the terrain to express these themes, such as black holes, fractals, etc., giving people a very fantastic feeling.

Italy: Villa De Este.

This garden is very special because it contains the remains of some ancient villas, as well as a cave and waterfall area. The addition of water currents and underground tunnels shows the superb engineering skills of the Romans.

Japan: Kakan Royal Garden.

Although this garden was built half a century ago, the elegance and wealth here still remain, and it will not feel outdated at all.

Los Angeles: Huntington Botanic Garden.

Henry Huntington purchased the San Marino Ranch in 1903 and later transformed it into a botanical garden with rare and exotic plants.

This botanical garden consists of 14 interconnected gardens, each with its own theme, with a total of 14,000 kinds of plants.

In the process of garden design, it is necessary to master the design concept, integrate it into the natural scenery, and have good creativity in the design

Garden design ideas expert advice

How to design a beautiful garden?

Accurate positioning

To decorate a beautiful garden at home, you must choose a good location for the garden, and pay attention to the rocks and soil needed in the garden. From a viewing point of view, both metal and plaster are good choices.

Garden decoration

The decoration of the garden should be nice. You can make some bird fish ponds, fountains, garden bridges, etc., which can make people see it as a whole.

Garden design

The surroundings of the garden must be better arranged, and some lawns and flower beds can be decorated on it. The overall design of the garden is also an art, so it is the key to grasp the whole, focus, form, harmony, balance, Texture, and symmetry are very important.

Garden planning

When you first want to decorate your garden, then you must make a drawing, and you must understand in your heart what kind of decoration is what you like, and sort out the themes you think about, and put some of the surrounding environment, It is best to take the sun and land into consideration.

Plant selection

You can choose different flowers for planting according to your environment, and water and soil are also one of the necessary conditions for choosing which flowers to plant.

Design principles


The overall design intent generated by a comprehensive consideration of functional requirements, artistic requirements, environmental conditions, and other factors. The idea is not only related to the design purpose but also the basis for various composition techniques used in the design process.


It is the central issue of design methods and skills, with good ideas and environmental conditions, but if the layout is messy and out of order, it is also impossible to become a good work.

Scale and proportion

Scale refers to the comparison of various components in the space with objects with a certain natural scale. It is an important factor that cannot be ignored in design.

Color and texture

The processing of color and texture is closely related to the artistic appeal of the space.

Detailed design

The handling of details is also very important. It is not enough to have landscapes, flowers, and sculptures in the overall space. Because people want to move in this space, many small details need to be handled well, so that it is a complete one design.

These details mainly include various lights, chairs, revetments, flower pots, flower stands, door shapes, etc., and some even include trash cans, faucets, and so on. Therefore, a good design must be made for these details.

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