23 Carrot Facts (California is the Carrot Capital of the World)

About carrot facts
About carrot facts

Europeans like to eat carrots very much, adults and childre, they are the second-largest vegetable after potatoes.

This is an interesting vegetable that with many secret. You will about to see in this informative article.

  1. Afghanistan is the birthplace of carrots. In this beautiful mountainous area, it has been growing in the wild, and its colors are purple, yellow, and white. The Dutch decided to cultivate a cultivated variety of yellow carrots because this color is the color of the king’s orange dynasty.
  2. Carrots are good things to protect the cardiovascular system. It can remove harmful cholesterol and increase the content of calcium, so this vegetable is recommended for people who are sick as a medicine supplement, and healthy people are used to preventing heart disease, especially those with poor genetics.
  3. Carrot is “carota” in Latin. Vitamin B-carotene is isolated from carrots, which are very high in content.
  4. Carrots are useful in any form. It can be eaten fresh, steamed, or cooked. After heat treatment, this vegetable will lose part of the vitamin, but it can be better absorbed by the body.
  5. Frequent consumption of carrots in large quantities will make the skin color orange. This characteristic of carrots is used by cat owners on cats with orange ears and tails.
    They give their pets some raw carrots as a supplement to keep the pet’s color and appearance. In the zoo, carrots are for flamingos.
    These birds eat crustaceans in the wild and some carrots in captivity, which all help maintain the color of their feathers.
  6. Holtville, a small town in California, is the carrot capital of the world. This American town hosts a Carrot Festival every winter. The celebration began with the election of the carrot queen.
    For a whole week, Americans participated in cooking competitions, preparing signature dishes with carrots.
    The sports part of the festival is to throw carrots at the target, and vegetables are used as exercise tools. The platform parade decorated with carrots aroused great public interest.
  7. During the war with the Nazis, British military pilots developed special night vision devices. This made it possible to destroy German aircraft at night. The British wanted to keep military secrets and invented the myth that eating carrots regularly can improve their night vision.
  8. The carrot can be eaten not only because of its roots but also because of its leaves. The leaves and leaves of this vegetable can be used to make bog dishes, main dishes, salads, and even make tea.
  9. For 90% of carrots are water, a blender can help ensure this.
  10. The Guinness Book of World Records contains the longest carrot grown by humans. Joe Atatton, a British farmer, grew a giant carrot the size of a car.
    The vegetables are 5 meters and 84 cm long, but the record size is mainly due to the long tails of root vegetables
Interesting carrot facts
Interesting carrot facts
  1. A resident of Alaska grows a kilo of one-year-old carrots. The miracle rhizome weighs 8 kg and 610 g.
  2. Europeans think carrots are a kind of fruit, not a vegetable. They were forced to abandon the common botanical classification because, in EU countries, jams and jellies can only be made with fruits.
    But the Portuguese like carrot jam. In order to taste it, the national authorities revised the law and carrots became a kind of fruit.
  3. A resident of Sweden lost her gold ring in 1996. She searched for jewelry for a long time, but never found it.
    Fifteen years later, when the Swedes were harvesting in the vegetable garden, they found a carrot, decorated with a gold ring. The woman recognized her missing ring and was shocked for a long time.
  4. Carrots can perfectly strengthen teeth, tooth enamel, reduce the possibility of dental caries and other dental diseases. This fruit is similar to a toothbrush.
  5. Pregnant women need to eat carrots because carrots contain a lot of vitamins, but they should not be excessive, otherwise, they may give birth to babies with orange skin.
    It is necessary to eat one hundred grams of fresh carrots a day, but not one kilogram.
  6. German chefs have used carrots to make unique coffee recipes for centuries. This “soldier coffee” refreshes your spirits, improves your physique, and is very delicious.
  7. In the seventeenth century, breeders began to grow orange-yellow carrots everywhere and called them “carrots”.
    Since this era, there has been a famous French carrot sauce. These sauces are made by the best chefs in the most expensive restaurants. The famous carrot sauce is still a delicacy today.
  1. Scientists have proven that smoking carrots increase the risk of lung cancer because nicotine and carrots are incompatible. But non-smokers need to eat carrots regularly to protect themselves and avoid possible cancer.
  2. The largest carrot producer is China – 20.5 million tons per year.
    Ranked second in Uzbekistan (2.3 million tons/year), which is obviously lagging behind; ranked third in Russia (1.8 million tons/year).
    After this, the top three countries for carrot cultivation are the United States, Ukraine, Poland, and the United Kingdom.
  3. British beauties in the 17th century liked to decorate their hats with flowers, feathers, and leaves. It is not uncommon for English women to have carrot leaves on their hats. They smell good and do not wither for a long time.
  4. People with peptic ulcer disease should not eat fresh carrots and their juices.
  5. In El-Gurdaka, Egypt, there is a monument commemorating a boy with a huge carrot in his hands.
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