What is the alyssum flower?

Alyssum flower is a very slow-growing annual plant, known for its sweet and pleasant smell of white, purple, or purple floral carpets. It grows and blooms best in the coolest places in New England in summer, but it can bloom all summer in the northeast and coastal areas.

Botanical name4 to 6 inches high and 6 to 9 inches wide.
Alias nameAlyssum, Sweet Alyssum, Carpet Flower.
Plant Typeperennial plants treated as annual plants
Mature size4 to 6 inches high and 6 to 9 inches wide.
SunlightFull sun, partial shade.
Soil typeFertile soil
Soil pHNeutral
Flowering time6-10
Colorswhite, light pink, and purple.
Cold-resistant zones(USDA)7-11
Native regionsThe Mediterranean region and the French Bay of Biscay.

alyssum flower feature:

Alyssum is a delicate flower composed of many flowers, which releases a delicate fragrance. Shorter-growing leaves will cover the ground with small cross-shaped four-petal flowers for most of the growing season. Its light green leaves are slightly hairy, narrow, and lanceolate.

The long and narrow hairy leaves are not conspicuous. When Alyssum is in full bloom, bees, butterflies and other insects love it. Make it a good plant in pollinating gardens. In our garden, Alyssum is very easy to grow by itself and will become a permanent plant every year. However, I still love to replant new varieties every spring to improve the color and grow more vibrant plants.

The flowers of Alyssum are very easy to grow from plants or seeds. It is a cold-season flower. If all the dangerous periods of frost have passed, it can bloom in early spring. In a frost-free climate, Alyssum can also be planted throughout the autumn and winter seasons. Most varieties will wither and wither in hot weather but will re-flower in autumn. Stevia will reach its maturity within two months after planting.

The Alyssum plant is basically maintenance-free. Although Alyssum is relatively maintenance-free, it does not perform well in swamps and areas with insufficient moisture. It has very few diseases and insect pests, but when it is too shaded to make the leaves and soil dry, it is likely to appear stem rot or leaf blight. When Alyssum grows in an excessively humid place, botulinum wilt is a unique phenomenon of Alyssum plants. Prune the stems after flowering to obtain endless colorful Alyssum flowers.

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