Alyssum flower and its lush secrets

Alyssum flower and its lush secrets
Alyssum flower and its lush secrets

The intoxicating scent of the Alyssum flower attracts not only the bees but everyone’s attention. It is hard to pass by this unique summer house without the sweet lure of the dark clouds.

What is even more delightful is that the Alyssum flower, also known as Alyssum maritime, has a simple but lush flowering season. The hollow cushions and mats seem to be hidden under white, lilac, or pink foam.

Growing this annual is not difficult. The main thing is to take care of the seedlings and water them. alyssum flower is one of the most reliable candidates for decorating flower beds and creating a uniquely relaxing atmosphere in the garden.


The genus Alyssum has about a hundred and different species of plants. But a real favorite is the sea borage, which is known primarily for its simple, fragrant, and lush flowers. It is often referred to as the simple annual.

And this appellation is only justified when talking about cultivation. Alyssum flower may have a classic look, but the solid pavement effect completely makes up for the lack of eye-catching details.

Alyssum (Alyssum maritime) is still often referred to by its old name, Lobularia maritima (Lobularia maritima). It is an annual herb, grown as a rich flowering carpet plant.

It is a fast-growing groundcover with flexible, erect, or prostrate shoots and small lance-shaped leaves that form dense, surprisingly lush mats. The matte colors of the leaves are dark green and silver.

The green color of the Alyssum flower is barely visible under the dense inflorescence. The small, intensely fragrant flowers with four rounded petals are densely clustered at the tips of the shoots.

White, pink, lilac, and purple cultivars can be selected for bright Alyssum flower flowers for any composition. Or form variegated groups.

Alyssum flower blooms in June and seems to be incessant and constant. It can decorate the garden until frost, but the flowers are rippling. And if you don’t prune it in time, you can’t wait for the repeated waves.


One of the most romantic annuals, the Alyssum flower is a gorgeous accent of color with its frothy, fragrant mats. It distributes flat, textured patches around the garden, allowing you to play with illusion and volume.

Alyssum flower looks great in a classically styled garden, but don’t overlook it for even the boldest of projects. It is also ideal for natural gardens.

It is no accident that it has become a seasonal symbol in alpine gardens. It adapts well to light soils and contrasts surprisingly elegantly with stones and rocks. alyssum flowers will also decorate gardens as.

  1. as a border plant.
  2. as a temporary ground cover.
  3. A carpet plant in a mixed garden of pots and patterns.
  4. As foreground decorations for flower beds.
  5. Lawn group.
  6. Additional background to give the work a sense of volume.
  7. Overflowing concealer.
  8. Fragrant background for summer flower arrangement.
  9. Aromatic background and honey drops that attract butterflies and bees.

Alyssum flower also looks good in the container. Here, it not only looks like a normal cushion but also surprisingly hangs beautifully on the edge of the container.

In large flower boxes and balcony boxes, in-plant boxes and pots, alone or in combinations – Alyssum flower is everywhere.

Alyssum flower is combined with a variety of annuals – from lobelia to marigolds and petunias. It can be planted among perennials in borders to shade them and complement the foliage.

This is Alyssum flower
This is Alyssum flower


The abundance of flowers seems to exclude any experimentation with light. But in fact, it will not only look like an airy bubble in open sunlight.

Alyssum flower is a unique summer plant, which produces lush flowers even in semi-shady places. The strong shade he will not tolerate, but diffused light and light partial shade are not afraid of him.

Alyssum flowers grow well in any soil except heavy, moist, and untreated soil. If you choose a light, loose texture with a neutral response, you shouldn’t have any difficulty.

They prefer sandy loam and stony soils, and almost any lack of permeability can be compensated for by laying drains.

Despite the plant’s reputation for growing perfectly, even in poor soils, Alyssum flower will happily respond to a small improvement – the introduction of mature compost or humus (with fresh fertilizers it is better not to experiment). Organic matter will prefer any mineral mixture.

Alyssum flower is hardy and can be grown in gardens and containers only after the last strong frosts of spring have disappeared.

You should still wait until mid to late May: the plants germinate vigorously, adapt quickly, and if you water them carefully, they will surprise you with a brilliant display of color within a few weeks. Mature Alyssum flowers often bloom unexpectedly until the first frost.


Alyssum flower is very afraid of overwatering, so it is best to skip watering altogether to avoid the risk of rotting fine roots.

High drought tolerance allows the plant to survive even in extreme conditions, but without proper watering and steady soil moisture, long years of heavy flowering will not Alyssum flower. shallow watering allows the soil to dry out under drought and high temperatures. It is best to water this summer house in the morning.

Fertilization of the Alyssum flower is almost unnecessary. Only on very poor soils, a weak feeding with a complex mineral fertilizer is possible at the beginning of flowering. After pruning, fertilize regularly to encourage more vigorous growth and repeat flowering. If growing in containers, fertilize every 2 weeks.

Weeding is a standard maintenance item. Alyssum flower needs to be weeded before dense mats are formed. The soil should not be crusted and do not forget to loosen the surface layer frequently. These procedures can be replaced by mulching if needed.

Pruning to stimulate repeated waves of flowering is a must for Alyssum flower care and the main secret of Alyssum flower’s lush flowering.

Immediately after the end of the first wave, the shrub should be cut back without mercy, leaving short “stakes” about 2-4inch (5-10cm) high. So water carefully and the yew will sprout quickly and surprisingly soon bloom again.

Apart from being extremely susceptible to root rot, marine Alyssum flowers are virtually indestructible. Unfortunately for wet weather, they sometimes develop powdery mildew and mosaic. Cabbage moths also like to scatter on the leaves.

But any disease can be easily treated by spraying with systemic fungicides, and for moths by insecticides.


Like all summer plants, the Alyssum flower is grown from seed. Seedlings can be sown in late April and raised in large, ordinary containers. At room temperature, seedlings sprout quickly and can be picked into their respective containers as early as the second true leaf stage. The main thing is not to water too much.

Alyssum flowers can be sown immediately in the ground, raised in a permanent position or in a bed, and the plants protected with cling film during winter or in the last ten days of April and the first ten days of May.

Whichever option you choose, the main thing to remember is that Alyssum flower seeds will prefer to be sown in the ground, they are pressed in, but not covered with the substrate.

Alyssum flower should not be planted at too high a density. Plant seedlings and shrubs (or sparse seedlings) 6-8inch (15-20 cm) apart. alyssum flower blooms 40-50 days after sowing.

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