What colors are chrysanthemums: the meaning of each

What colors are chrysanthemums the meaning of each
What colors are chrysanthemums the meaning of each

Chrysanthemums are given to men and women, young and old, colleagues and relatives. Inflorescences of different shades and shapes can be chosen to suit any situation. What colors are chrysanthemums: the meaning of each? In this article, you will find the answer.

Different colors of flowers have been cultivated so far: white, yellow, red, pink, purple, etc. The fancy style and knowledge of the “language of flowers” will help you to make the right choice.


It is believed that the “language of flowers” – selan – originated in ancient West Asian countries. Eastern women used it to convey their emotions and feelings. at the beginning of the 18th century, this exotic custom spread to Europe and was later adopted by various countries.

Species and their shades were given certain meanings. Initially, plants were given characteristics evoked by associations and personal emotions, and later they were consolidated by tradition.

Every place has different plants, national and class peculiarities, so the floral alphabet is somewhat different. Selam attracted poets and artists of the Romantic era, and by the end of the 19th century, the fascination with the “flower” message had passed.

Decades ago, interest in the “flower language” was revived and modern Selam was enriched with new meanings.

Despite the great cultural differences, this plant has a special status, and it is called “Queen of Autumn”. Ancient China and Japan were considered to be their homeland. For a long time, only monarchs were allowed to use it. It symbolized power, wealth, and nobility.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of the nation. For many centuries, the stylized image of the 16-petaled yellow plant was the seal and national emblem of the empire. The color of this symbol is orange or yellow – “gold”: this is the first known color of the chrysanthemum, which derives its name from the Latin word “golden flower”.

A breathtakingly luxurious and spectacular view of various forms of.

  1. shrubs, with single or double inflorescences of small;
  2. bright flower bulbs ;
  3. Large inflorescences – simple or semi-double “chamomile”, flat or large, needle-shaped or peony-shaped.

In addition to the traditional yellow, white, pink, and red chrysanthemums, today there are also cultivated chrysanthemums with exotic colors, unusual lilac, green and blue.


The white variety is presented as a symbol of love, tenderness, and purity. They symbolize honesty, sincerity, loyalty, and devotion.

Send them to loved ones and in cases where you want to emphasize the high moral character of the person you are sending the flowers to.


The traditional symbolism of the yellow variety is the wish for longevity, health, wealth, power, wisdom, and greatness.

The modern interpretation of the sunflower is a declaration of love, a pledge of friendship, honesty, and sincerity. The gift giver conveys the desire to be with loved ones and to maintain a trusting relationship with friends.

In formal ceremonies, it is appropriate for both men and women to present yellow chrysanthemums. In this case, it expresses gratitude and wishes for successful business and prosperity.

Once upon a time, yellow chrysanthemums were only affordable to royalty. Later, they were allowed to use them in wedding ceremonies. Since then, it is considered acceptable to give the yellow variety at weddings.

This is the colorful chrysanthemum
This is the colorful chrysanthemum


If you want to convey passionate love and affection, you will choose red, carmine, burgundy, and wine colors. They emphasize the elegance and beauty of the giver. These flowers are used in monochromatic bouquets or as the focal point of complex compositions.

For lovers, relatives, close dear ones of the red variety.

Dark-colored varieties are not recommended for presentation to older women.


Pink and lilac-colored chrysanthemums are considered to be a symbol of love, romance, and tenderness. Pale pink-toned buds are given to young girls and girls. The flowers presented by adult ladies are rich and vibrant in color.

Individual lilacs with fanciful colors, bred by modern breeders, symbolize originality, creativity, and ingenuity.


Blue is an achievement of breeders, so it has only a modern interpretation.

Like other exotic colors, it symbolizes originality, vivid individuality, and such a flower will be given to anyone who wants it. It emphasizes his special place in the life of the giver. The gift is given to male colleagues, partners, friends.

Another meaning of blue flowers is the wish for successful service. They are given to military personnel as a sign of fidelity for a long separation.

Chrysanthemum is the flower of joy and a symbol of the sun. Through the beautiful and romantic “flower language” you can express your inner feelings and attitude.

It is important to show imagination, attention, emotion, and preference for the object of the bouquet. It is not necessary to follow stereotypes, you can create new images. The main thing is sincerity and creativity.