The 10 reason to let you become a gardener: Why we need a garden

The 10 reason to let you become a gardener Why we need a garden
The 10 reason to let you become a gardener Why we need a garden

On the eve of a new season, shouldn’t we ask ourselves why we need a garden? Why should we become a gardener? For some people, this kind of question may seem strange but the answer may be obvious.

Maybe you will find new profit and fascination that you haven’t thought of before. In this article, I will name the top ten reasons why I think it is worthwhile to have a garden.

I may not have listed all of the arguments. If you have yours, please write them in the comments.

For harvesting

The first thing that comes to mind is that the garden needs to be harvested. The first thing that comes to mind is to harvest fruits that are tasty, big, beautiful, and above all ecologically pure.

It is worth noting that the combination of ecology and quality harvesting is not easy, because it is difficult to do without fertilizers and chemical treatments. Although, it is worth the effort to pamper our children and grandchildren and our loved ones.

However, under the word “garden” we will understand not only fruits, berries, and other crops, but also ornamental plants. After all, one consumes not only through one’s mouth but also through one’s eyes.

For beauty

So I pressed the second point and said that the garden is a necessary condition for beauty. And this beauty can create both fruit and ornamental plants. Imagine a morning in May.

You walk out onto your front porch with a cup of coffee. It’s a cool morning, but there are already birds chirping.

The trees are in bloom, the bees are buzzing, the tender new leaves. What could be more beautiful than this? How beautiful the garden is in autumn! And it gets covered with snow in winter, too.

Of course, to create such a beautiful picture of the four seasons of the year, you need to plan the planting as carefully as possible. And for this, you do not need to be a landscape designer, because your garden you create for yourself and your loved ones.

The main thing is that your creation will like you. For some, this beauty will be reflected in the clear orchard, for others – in the thick decorative grass, for others – in the tall vegetable beds.


A third important motivation for having a garden is the desire to take care of certain people. It is human nature, and there is nothing we can do about it. Time passes, children grow up, and it’s not us, but them taking care of us.

This is the right thing to do. But the paradox is that the desire to take care of others does not leave us. That’s why people breed dogs and cats in their old age.

Unfortunately, four-legged friends are not eternal; their lives are short. But a garden is almost eternal; it is actually immortal and will survive you and many generations to come.

Of course, you have to understand that a garden should be seen as a whole. Yes, some plants will die and be replaced by new ones, but generally speaking, a garden will last a long time.

Your care for it can be whimsical or episodic, and the garden will endure and forgive. You may drown some things, you may dislike some things, but it will live on.

Physical activity

The fourth reason is physical activity. You can go to the gym after a day at the office, or you can go to work in the garden. Yes, some will say that the load is not that great and not much use.

Both can pick up the pace, get the heart rate up a little, breathe a little faster, sweat a little. All in all, it’s a little breathless to work. Everything in moderation, of course.

And if someone is “lucky” like me and has a narrow and long (100m) stretch of road, it’s no problem at all. Walking back and forth for business, the pedometer shows good results at night. But there are not only physical activities in the park but also mental activities.


So the fifth point – the garden is in need of creativity. I do not just and not that it is good to draw and write in the garden, but that in the garden we are solving creative problems every day: where to plant, where to transplant, how to arrange, how to solve problems, how to protect, how to improve.

And the creative mind doesn’t leave us all day, even when we’re busy doing something else entirely different. Reading books on gardening, studying catalogs and new agronomic techniques, rethinking for our own conditions, is a good exercise for our minds.

This is a beautiful garden
This is a beautiful garden

The garden as an educator

The garden is an educator in many ways. You should agree that there is a garden where we have a clear calendar plan because one or the other job in the garden needs to be done at a certain time.

Pruning at the right time, sowing, planting, and nurturing at the right time. This is where the garden defines our time and makes it systematic. If you have children, a garden is also a great teacher.

You can visually show the different arrangements of plants, insects, and animals, how an entire tree grows from a tiny seed.

We sow peas and beans a lot in botany class. On the windowsill, but it was so exciting! But sowing the seeds of a tree and watching a child grow from year to year. Will he learn to appreciate nature?

Of course! He or she will also learn patience, an important quality in a gardener because not all plants grow and bear fruit quickly. Speaking of results.

The Joy of Accomplishment

The garden gives a sense of accomplishment and fruitfulness. When planting a garden, we all want a result, whether it’s fruit or flowers or a beautiful crown.

For me, there is no worse job than doing something day in and day out without seeing and understanding the end goal. It’s quite different from work that has a logical conclusion, an ending, and a premiere, just like in the theater.

The opening is not the end, there will be other performances, but it is the result of the effort put into it and a kind of punctuation. You started a business, you have to make it a result!

Bonding with nature

Feeling or grooming life – I will so name the eighth reason for having a garden. There are times when the buds on the trees are open, the smell of linden trees in bloom, the sound of rain, rare birds singing, neighbors wielding chainsaws.

And there are times when everything is calm and you can hear the silence. Everything is happening slowly, and you can hear it and feel it extra keenly.

There is no such thing in the city. There are people, movements, and events around, but I don’t or rarely have that feeling.

The garden as a healer

The ninth function is medicinal. My garden is a great distraction from some mental illnesses and even depression (although I don’t think it’s depression by and large, but still).

For example, I come back from a fun trip and I feel sad. What’s the first thing I do? I take my stuff to the garden.

My heart is restless because I have been away for a week. What was there and how to do it? Now you see: here it is urgent to water, here it is necessary to mend after the wind, here it is even more important to catch the sprinkler.

In the evening you sit down and write a list of urgent matters so as not to forget anything. And where did all the boring stuff go? By the way, I know of cases where people have used gardens to heal serious grief. The garden is a good doctor for psychological problems.

Sources of income

Finally, the tenth reason for having your own garden – financial independence. If you are tired of going to the office, going to the factory, in a word – “working for your uncle”, then your garden can be a source of income for you.

For example, you can not only grow your own crops and sell them, not only potatoes but also spices and aromatic plants for cosmetics or tea. You can learn how to propagate plants and grow seedlings for sale.

If you have a big and beautiful garden, you can arrange paid shoots in it or rent it for some events, which is in fashion and demand nowadays. And you can become a blogger.

and run your own YouTube or Instagram feed. There are many variants. Obviously, they all require effort and time, but you get not just a paycheck, but the joy of creating and combining a garden you love with income.

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