Information About Canna

Canna is valued because of its luminous colors and brilliant flowers and leaves.

How to plant cannas: growth and care

How to plant canna growth and care How to plant canna: Growing and caring? If making yourself happy with bright colors or mixing pink power tops with blue-green tops is your style, then these plants are right up your alley. canna lilies are ...

How to care for cannas: Planting for tips

How to care for cannas Planting for tips HOW TO CARE FOR CANNAS? In the garden, plant cane rhizomes horizontally 5 inches (152.4cm) deep and cover them with a thick mulch. Leave about 2 feet (60.96cm) of space around the rhizomes. These ...

How to winter canna lilies? Planting for tips

How to winter canna lilies Planting for tips The cannas lily is a tall, graceful and striking plant. how to winter canna lilies? Although cannas lilies are perennials, they are very susceptible to frost. If your cannas lilies are planted in ...

What is canna(plant)

What is canna(plant) WHAT IS CANNA (PLANT)? The genus Canna (scientific name: Canna L.): is a genus of the lily family, order Ginger, family Cannaceae. It is a perennial herb with tuberous rhizomes. With rhizomes, also with erect stems up ...!