How to grow cucumbers in containers

How to grow cucumbers in containers
How to grow cucumbers in containers

Cucumber is a food that many people like to eat. Not only can it be made into a delicious meal, but it can also be used for skincare.

Cucumbers can not only be grown in gardens, but there are also many people who grow them indoors. This article will explain how to grow cucumbers in containers.

Prepare the seeds

The cultivation time is generally to start from January to March in spring, of course, it can also be planted in summer from June to August.

If it is cultivated in spring, it is necessary to adopt the method of accelerating germination or to cover it with the film.

But in summer, you can choose:

  1. Soak the seeds after soaking them in water.
  2. Sowing the seeds directly without soaking the seeds.

Using the direct seeding method, it can germinate in 3 to 4 days, but the soaked seeds will take a faster time to germinate.

When they have one or two leaves, they can be transplanted.

Choose container and soil

Before cultivating cucumber, find the container for cultivating it. You can choose ceramic or plastic flower pots. The size is moderate, and it does not need to be particularly large or too small.

If the flowerpot is too large, it will be very troublesome to transport the flowerpot in the future. Like ordinary households, there will be some plastic pots or plastic buckets that are not used. It is also a good idea to plant them there.

Therefore, the choice of container is generally no problem, and it can be used to grow cucumbers.

But plastic basins are not the best choice. Then these plastic basins will produce some bad chemicals after aging. If these chemicals enter the vegetables, once the chemicals enter the body, it will cause a great impact.

Therefore, if possible, you can use ceramic or resin containers to cultivate cucumbers.

After preparing the container, the next step is to prepare the soil. It is best to choose some soil rich in humus. If you use this kind of soil, you don’t need to use fertilizer because the nutrients of this soil are very high. The soil is also very fertile. If there is no humus soil, you can also use outdoor soil and choose some soil that has been drenched in wind and rain.

Soaking and planting

After the container and soil are selected, we need to start soaking the seeds. Soak the seeds in water at 130°F for 20 minutes.

During the soaking period, keep stirring the seeds so that the seeds are heated evenly. After the water level drops slowly, soak them in water for 6 to 8 hours.

After soaking, the seeds are taken out, wrapped in gauze, and then placed at 77°F to 80°F for accelerating germination. After 12 hours, they can be cultivated.

When we do the above work, we can put the seeds in the flowerpot, and then cover them with about 1cm of soil.


Be sure to keep the soil moist after sowing. When planting in the spring, keep the soil moist, keep the soil moist during the growth period, water less during the flowering period, and require a lot of water when the cucumber bears fruit.

Usually, you have to water it once every 2 to 3 days. Sufficient nutrients can ensure the normal growth of cucumber seedlings. When we are planting, we need top dressing. These fertilizers are mainly manure.

But then fertilize according to the growth situation, usually once a week.

Build a shelf

When the melon seedlings are growing and beards, start to build a shelf and pull their vines up.

You can fix them slightly to prevent them from collapsing. It is best to set up a stand in the afternoon so that it is not easy to damage the vines and leaves on the melon vine.

After the vine climbs to the top of the shelf, the topping should be done in time, usually when it grows to more than 30 leaves, which can promote the seedlings and fruiting.


The work of picking depends on the type of cultivation. They can be picked ten days after pollination. It takes about 45 days from seeding to cultivation, and then about one month to harvest.

The harvest time is almost 1 to 2 months. But in this process, we must maintain a suitable temperature, 20 to 28 degrees is the most suitable for them to grow, if it exceeds 30 degrees, they will quickly age, if it is below ten degrees, they will die, so you must master the indoor temperature.


Generally speaking, mini fruit cucumbers are all female cucumbers, which can successfully bear fruit even without pollination. Larger cucumbers are usually semi-female and require pollination to bear fruit.

Title: How to grow cucumbers in containers
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